You’re Fired…but You Won’t Know It For Weeks.

As HR pro’s it’s just part of the job that we come across shockingly not-smart employees once in a while – the ones who do something so stupid that you… Get the Rest

How To: Make it Stop! Employees Crying at Work – The Kiss of Corporate Awkwardness

My friend Leslie called me last week and before I even said hello she blurted out, “I cried in front of a (male) Senior Leader today. Like, really

Save The CIO’s From Extinction.

A few years ago a Software Development Manger walked into my office, slumped into the beanbag chair across from my desk, and exhaustedly announced that he wished people

You Dirty Rotten Scoundrel – Interviews and Lies.

I was talking to my friends little brother, Sam, over the weekend and after a year of working at a bar and living in his parents' basement he

You Don’t Sell Time-Share Property, You Save Lives. The Power of a Good Story.

I just finished watching The Queen of Versailles for the second two days. It's okay to judge me for my commitment to trashy TV because I'm fully aware

Trapped in a box.

I talk about The Deaf Kid a lot – My brother, my partner in crime, the kid who inspired presentations like The Time Farts Made Noise, and Dysfunction

Expose Yourself – All The Cool Kids Are Doing It

When talking about corporate culture and employee engagement Facebook, SAS, and Zappo’s receive a lot of press. And they deserve it for two reasons: They’re cool and they

Your Family Is Dysfunctional. You Should Blog About It.

how to get your ex back councilor I just dropped a pretty little chunk of change on a seminar by Penelope Trunk called “How To Write About Your

Can't Build A Relationship? You Can Still Manage…Seriously.

Three or four years ago I was leading a coaching session with a Software Developer turned Manager who had just received his Manager Effectiveness Score from our annual

It Gets Better, The Bullying Will Stop…Or Will It?

It’s hard to miss the fact that we have a bullying problem in our schools. It angers me to hear of another child who commits suicide because s/he