The Only Skill That Really Matters for Recruiting & Sourcing

While there’s been some slight advances in the tools and technologies available for finding top talent, even the most advanced systems are simply automating what the most effective sourcers and… Get the Rest

5 Recruitment Content Marketing Predictions for 2016

I know---you're a recruiter, so you probably don't care a ton about content, except, you know, job ads and resumes and social profiles and search results and $hit

Recruiting Technology Company You’ve Never Heard Of Releases Product You Don’t Care About

TALENT, OREGON - December 8, 2015 (WORTHLESS WIRE) -- GenericTech, a leading provider of people empowerment solutions, announced today that the company is putting out a press release

Diverse Erection Careers (And Other Misfortunate Employer Brands).

If you think you have a hard time overcoming stuff like negative Glassdoor reviews, compensation that’s not competitive with the market or some of the other challenges most

Recruiting Was Fine Until You Screwed It Up

Every day, I’m lucky enough to get to talk to the people on the cutting edge of the recruiting technology industry; most of these are entrepreneurs who share

Candidate Experience Is Not A Product

Fun fact: I own the trademark on the “slogan” (their term) candidate experience in the United States. I’m pretty sure that it’s unenforceable, but I’ve got the paperwork

Why HR Is Doomed

Much like Y2K or a Promise Keeper’s rally, the phenomenon that became the crux of 99% of the History Channel’s programming and led to one of the finest