The Dream Chaser

I was just as shocked as all of you. I couldn’t believe what had just happened. I finally got mad enough to walk out of that comfy-corner-office-HR-Director job… with no… Get the Rest

How To Get Lots Of Job Offers

In case you've missed it, I've recently quit my HR job. You can read about that here and here. It was a total Jerry Maguire moment. I was surprised once

Post Jobs on Facebook, Beat Facebook Science.

Facebook makes me geeky. I love it. I love using the social graph search tool to source folks. I love posting jobs on Facebook. And I love looking up

The Curious Case Of Handling The Injured Customer

Yesterday, a customer fell in our showroom. I was called in to deal this customer. You're probably wondering why HR would deal with an injured customer, and the answer

Annual Performance Reviews Are Dumb

I finally did it! You're going to be so HR-jealous! I have ditched the annual performance review! A third of you of you just fell over dead. A third of

Top 10 HR Pros For Deserted Island Stranded-Ness

Light and fun post today. Isn't that what you want before a holiday break? No one ever puts me on their HR-PEOPLE-WHO-ROCK-LIST. Bump you guys! I am making my

Live from #SHRM13! It’s FOT and ADP

Tim Sackett interviews ADP on what it's like to be a software giant. [email subscribers may need to click through to see the

Want an HR job? Wear a bra that fits. #SHRM13

FOT was proud to take over a session at the SHRM Student conference on Saturday. The topic? 7 ways to find your first (or a better) HR job. Of course,

LIVE from #SHRM13! It’s FOT and Glassdoor!

Tim Sackett interviews Steve Roop, VP of Marketing at Glassdoor. Check it... [email subscribers may need to click through to see] YouTube link here: And I totally held the camera.

I Hired This Totally Rad Guy

I broke about five rules in the employee handbook to hire someone. And I don't even care. Meet Rad:                   Rad is driving the creative bus at the dealership now. Which? Is