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Wag The Dog in HR

As I think back on my career and recall the times I had the best work experiences—where I was connected and engaged the most—it almost always involved a crisis or… Get the Rest

PaulHebert 2013

Paul Hebert talks St. Louis Rams – Doing Football Like You Do Employee Engagement

Looks like I’m going to try and channel my innerSteve Boese or my inner Kris Dunn and try to draw some connection between what’s going on in sports

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Employee Engagement Singularity – Infinite Monkey Blogger Theorem

I think it’s official. We’ve reached that point in the business world where absolutely nothing new can be added to the disaster that is employee engagement. It’s not that

You get a car

What HR Can Learn from Oprah Winfrey

It’s tough being an HR pro. You hear all the negatives. From the boss. From the C-Suite. From employees. From the parking lot attendant at the airport. Seems that

PaulHebert 2013

Paul Hebert shares the Worst. Post. EVER. About. Employee. Engagement

A recent article on Forbes caught my eye because the headline said “The Real Reason to Care About Employee Engagement.” I always love to jump into posts that start

PaulHebert 2013

Paul Hebert says Is Holding On To The Past Is Always A Bad Idea

Short post motivated by a comment made in the debate last night. Not here to argue politics but I will argue that new perspectives and new ideas are


HR Shouldn’t Use Big Data For The Company

I've gone on record a few times suggesting big data isn’t something many companies can use and use well. I don’t believe it is the panacea every consulting

PaulHebert 2013

Paul Hebert talks Employee Enhancement vs. Employee Engagement

Before you get all excited know this is NOT a post about “Smiling Bob” and Enzyte. This is a post about reframing a discussion around employees and their relationship with


Keeping Lousy Employees – Why Your Employer Brand May Be TOO Strong

Yeah… I said it. Lock me up. Heresy! He’s a witch! Burn him! (Now go back and say that with your best Monty Python accent – don’t lie –

PaulHebert 2013

Paul Hebert says Not One Company Asked Their Employees About Engagement And You Won’t Believe What Happened Next

Coming in hot from a trip to the west coast where I had great conversations and less great sleep. Nothing says “good sleep” than an economy coach seat,