Paul Hebert says Searching for Recognition While Searching for Bobby Fischer

Funny the things that resonate with your kids. My 21 year old son was home from college this past weekend. He says it was because of Easter and wanting to… Get the Rest


Paul Hebert compares Exceeding Expectations VS Meeting Them

I am back in the office after three days on the road, and I realized that 6 planes in three days and more time in the Atlanta airport


The Perfect Mix of Praise and Criticism

What is that mix? What is the proper mix of how much you praise someone for their performance versus help them attack and address deficiencies in their performance?


Paul Hebert asks Plug N Play Recognition? Not On My Watch.

Man do we have it easy today. Everything is plug and play and if it isn’t, then we just walk away. We want it easy. We want it


Are Job Titles Participation Trophies for Grown Ups?

I’m not a big fan of generalizing generations and playing into a faux “millennial” industrial complex, making money convincing everyone that we need to reinvent the world because

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Paul Hebert Asks Should You Care Whether Employee Engagement Drives ROI? Maybe Not.

Okay – the headline is a bit controversial – but hey – I’m want people to click and view and ultimately comment so why not.  Maybe I need


Paul Hebert declares Today AND Tomorrow – Recognition AND Engagement

Working with clients we typically vector into their issues in one of two ways… The first way – I’ll call them Type I clients, have a strong set of

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Maybe the Ignorant Have the Best HR Answers

I am ignorant. I’m not stupid.  I’m not slow.  I’m just ignorant. I’m ignorant of what HR practitioners go through every day.  I don’t know what they hear from their


Paul Hebert says Boxes? We Don’t Need No Stinkin Boxes!

Suggestion boxes.  Long a symbol of corporate America and management cluelessness. You can almost imagine the various suggestions that have been shoved in that little slot – and the

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Hey HR – Is It Time to Be Less Business-y?

This post might whip a few HR heads around. I’m suggesting that that HR may want to spend a bit more time being touchy-feely and less time being all