Sit the bench

Ever Wish You Could Bench an Employee?

Baseball season is deep into its first month, which means leadership lessons from America’s favorite pastime are everywhere. Watch highlights from 2,430 MLB games, and you will see examples of… Get the Rest


Why a Sucker Pay Plan Made Me Hate Teaching

I was a sorta teacher for a few years. While I did my masters, I taught some composition and literature courses. If you have any sort of ego

Code Blue jobs

Code Blue Jobs

Spring weather is finally hitting the Midwest, and we can actually go outside and see grass instead of snow. Where I live, the first spring Friday is usually


Stan Hates His Boss, But He’s Really Just a Bum Employee

Your friends who hate their jobs—we all have them… and its brutal to talk to them, isn't it? Man, I just cringe when I ask them how their

tour bus

Talent Acquisition or Travel Agent?

My mother has become one of “them.” Later in her life and now single, she is one of those senior citizens riding around on a mongo coach bus,

the most least credible person

The Least Credible HR Person I Know

The least credible HR Pro I know got that way because he hired bad leaders. Period. He recruited, screened, sold and pushed misfits. It’s a surefire way to

succession planning

Succession Planning Case Studies: GM Solid, Microsoft Sucky

An HR nerd like me sees news from the business world dealing with hiring, succession and promotional decisions as fascinating. Big public companies allow you a peek into

Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 8.51.13 AM

A Fake HR Person to Test For Jerks

The old recruiter joke is that every hire that a recruiter makes is a great hire. We take all of the credit for good hires. Bad employees? Those

goldman sachs greed is good

Be Yourself, Goldman Sachs

Quick post today, melding Bill Parcells and Goldman Sachs. Of course. Parcells is a legendary football coach who was a walking quote machine. He trotted out lots of

amazon crowsourcing

How Amazon Crowdsources Promotions

When I was a newbie recruiter, my first manager’s idea of development was quizzing me on how many calls I made, phone interviews I conducted, or face-to-face interviews