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Your FOT Mad Men Wrap-up

How is it that almost an entire week has passed since the series finale of Mad Men—perhaps the most important workplace-related pop culture phenomenon in the last decade—and no one… Get the Rest

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Steve Boese shows the CHART OF THE DAY: How America will look in 2050 in one chart

This short, but fascinating recent piece from the Washington Post is the source for today's installment of CHART OF THE DAY - a quick snapshot of how the

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Steve Boese says Whatever You Do, Don’t Stare At His Eye

Yesterday I had the increasingly rare experience of meeting a professional acquaintance for the very first time in person who despite having corresponded with this person over email


When You’ve Got Nothing…

Anyone who has a job that requires some level of original thinking, creativity, or simply just coming up with incremental improvements to existing products or processes occasionally hits

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Steve Boese says The Text Message Is The New Phone Call

If you find yourself saying or thinking something along the lines of 'I can't believe he/she texted that! Why didn't they pick up the phone and call instead?'

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Steve Boese talks TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITY: Create your own motivational posters

We've all seen the incredibly ubiquitous line of 'Successories' posters that have graced workplaces all over the world in the last ten years or so. You know the


Will The Apple Watch Finally Be The Device That Makes Us Get To The Point?

In a few weeks, Apple will once again attempt to redefine an existing technology category, in this case wearable tech, with the launch of the Apple Watch. Just as

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Steve Boese shares VIDEO: Fun with the quantified workplace

The coolest thing you will see on the Internet today, (excepting for cats, bunnies, and 'which superhero would you be' quizzes), comes to us courtesy of the Sid

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Stop Doing Stupid Things: HR and Talent Edition

There are many aspects and elements of HR and Talent Management that are really hard. Identifying future leaders, determining succession strategies, developing and implementing that "just right" compensation

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Steve Boese talks The Wisdom of Jeff Van Gundy Part VII – On Visible Failure

Over the weekend as I was doing blog writing/research, i.e., watching NBA basketball, I caught the better part of a game between the Chicago Bulls and the Los