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Steve Boese gives A warning about hiring too narrowly

As an HR/Talent pro if you have been involved in the hiring process for software engineers or developers then it is likely you have run into this scenario when presented… Get the Rest

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Steve Boese shares Notes From The Road #11 – Heading To The #HRTechConf Edition

Random observations, thoughts, and disposable commentary from yesterday's journey out to Las Vegas for this week's HR Technology Conference... 1. If you want to save your company or yourself a

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Steve Boese talks Job Titles of The Future #11- Minecraft Coach

Directing you to this super piece on the Library of Economics and Liberty site, (Boy, that is a NAME for a site. I have no idea what this site is


4 Useless Things Career Advisers Tell You

Over the weekend I caught this kind of interesting piece debunking much of what the investment advice industry tells its clients (that is you and me), The Four

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Steve Boese says It’s a short week, make sure you still put in your 47 hours

Quick shot for a Tuesday that feels like a Monday and also feels like a Wednesday since it seems like I am already two and half days behind. Just


Steve Boese shares CHART OF THE DAY: The Shrinking American Vacation

Today's chart is perfectly timed for me, as starting from tomorrow I am heading out for a few days off. But my (too short) vacation I have lined

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Workforce Planning Lessons From Janet Yellen

Are you a fan of monetary policy, macro economics, and Federal Reserve Chairperson Janet Yellen? Of course you are! That’s why you’re reading FOT, a blog that is (usually)

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Steve Boese talks Selling your non-glamorous city: 5 observations from 2 days in Cleveland

I spent a couple of days last week in the lovely city of Cleveland, Ohio, to attend the (really fun) DisruptHR Cleveland event, and then took some time

side hustle

The Art and Science of Managing the Employee Side Hustle

I must still have the NBA Summer League and basketball on the brain, (for more info and background of what I am talking about, see Kris Dunn’s post

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Steve Boese debuts The Obligatory World Cup Post – #8ManRotation

Talent almost always trumps all - Despite some interesting and surprising 'upsets' in the early round matches, (the USA getting out of the 'Group of Death', the legendary Spanish