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Steve Boese talks Stealing Jobs Back From The Machines

We’ve been hearing the alarm bells, (heck many of us… well, mostly me)–the ones that are tolling for the eventual and perhaps even imminent demise of the American worker, destined… Get the Rest


Happy Spring Break! Now Get Back to Work.

It’s Spring Break this week (at least where I live)! Time to take some time off!!! Vacation time!!! What’s that? You did not get any time away from the office this

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Steve Boese shares A Funny Reminder Of What Normals Think About Many Of Us

I am pretty sure my favorite, offbeat website is Dinosaur Comics. I know I have blogged at least a couple of times over the years with a take

the last HR blog post

The Last HR Blog Post You’ll Ever Have To Read

I started blogging about HR and workplace technology in about 2007 or so, and in the ensuing years I have written something like 1,500 blog posts. For each

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Steve Boese says Even Great Places To Work Never Forget Who is in Charge (Hint: It’s Not You)

By now you've probably heard something about the several year Department of Justice investigation, corresponding civil class action lawsuit, and various reporting surrounding an almost decade-long series of

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Steve Boese discusses Job Titles of the Future #9 – Chocolate Foresight Activator

I caught this Job Title of the Future from a recent piece on The Atlantic, describing the Hershey Company's quest to find, what the Atlantic called a 'Chocolate Futurist', or

Arthur Chu

Chu-phoria, The Forrest Bounce, and the Challenge of High Performers

If you follow the long-running TV game show Jeopardy!, then you are probably familiar with Arthur Chu, whose recent run of success on the show has been both

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Steve Boese talks Dog food, Champagne, and Email

I am grinding through about 12,000 speaking proposals for the upcoming HR Technology Conference in October 2014, and in a recent review call, a rep from one of the vendors

daft punk

Will you be replaced by a robot? Let’s break it down.

If you are at all interested in the currently red-hot and pretty trendy "the robots are coming to take all our jobs, steal our girl/boyfriends, and destroy everything

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Steve Boese talks HCM World: Transforming HR With Technology

Last week I had the pleasure to attend and moderate a panel at the inaugural Oracle HCM Worldevent in Las Vegas. (That is a pic of me on the