Five Faces of Good Management

Those of us interested in improving our organizations; our ability to find, attract, recruit, develop, and retain talent; and to simply get “better” as HR/Talent pros have no shortage of… Get the Rest

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Steve Boese says Athletes Don’t Need Media, and What That Might Mean For The Rest Of Us

Fresh off the recently concluded Super Bowl where one of the pre-game sub-plots that we heard about incessantly was Seattle Seahawks star Marshawn Lynche's reluctance/defiance in his 'engagement'

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Trivia Crack for the Enterprise

According to reports, the mobile game Trivia Crack is currently the most downloaded app in the world. Since its debut, this app has racked up more than 125

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Steve Boese shares Notes From The Road – On Helping Each Other

On the road this morning on the way down to the Brandon Hall Group's Excellence 2015 Conference where I am pleased and honored to be a participant tomorrow

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The Department of Non-Human Resources

In today’s HR/Talent management world, sometimes a good employee or candidate can be hard to find. Their work history might be lacking one bit of important experience you

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Steve Boese talks Diversity, Testing, and How Bugs Often Go Unnoticed

Recently I was talking to a friend who told me that he was in the market for a new car. My friend, who has been a loyal driver


Are 2015’s Biggest Tech Trends Good or Bad for HR?

The New Year always brings with it a slew of "trends" think pieces that postulate on what will be the upcoming year’s most influential and potentially disruptive developments

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CHART OF THE DAY: Is today a good day?

Is today a good day? A bad day? Or just a typical, run-of-the-mill kind of day? Maybe it is still too early to tell. But the answer someone is likely

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Steve Boese says REPRISE: The Analytics Takeover Won’t Always Be Pretty

Seems like it has been some time since I dropped a solid 8 Man Rotation contribution here on the blog, so to remedy that, please first take a


RESOLVED: Working Less in 2015

As we wind down 2014 and you as an HR/Talent professional naturally take some time to assess the performance and productivity of the assembled talent in your organization