Steve Gifford questions Retirement Accounts for Actual Retirement

What would retirement look like if Americans could take early “hardship withdrawals” from Social Security? This was the topic of conversation in our office the other day — yes, we… Get the Rest

“Employees Are Our Most Important Asset”

It's on your website, and it's in your handbook.  You've heard an executive say it to a crowded room.  It's just vague enough that it's hard to disprove,

The (Organizational) Audacity of Independence

Today marks 237 years since representatives from each of the thirteen colonies met in Philadelphia to declare independence from the British Empire. A 33-year-old Thomas Jefferson wrote a

Ending the Fiction of Lifetime Employment

You probably aren't working in the last job you'll ever have.  Heck, there's a good chance you're not even in the single digits of employers before you retire.

Hiring is Broken

Our system for hiring employees is broken.  What's more, I'm not sure that anyone knows how to fix it. Take a look at a very scary chart from the

High Potentials That Move Faster Than You

Your organization moves at a certain pace.  Your high potential employees, though, move at a faster pace -- that's probably why you identified them as high potential in

Legislative Gridlock: Yes, It’s a Talent Issue

Sequestration, filibuster, campaign finance... Congressional dysfunction isn't just them, it's how *we* manage them! Consider the recruiting pool a member of Congress.  Technically, you only need to be a

The Changing of the Guard: Gen Y wants a job, just not that one!

Good news, Gen Yers -- that moment we've been waiting for is coming! At my last job, I replaced a retiring 42-year employee.  In the last two weeks, I've

Daddy, where do CEO’s come from?

Not HR, sweetie.  They don't come from HR. Today's posting is of the "food for thought" variety, rather than a checklist of ways to up your talent game.  I

You Work for Me — Do Better Recruiting!

Public sector recruiting isn't keeping up with the business, and it hurts us all. I've been actively looking for work the last few weeks, and so I've been looking