Tim Sackett shares The Top 20 Branded HR & Talent Pros: Meet Neil Morrison From Penguin Random House UK

Let me introduce you to HR Pro Neil Morrison!  I believe Neil is the lone non-U.S. resident on Glassdoor’s list of the Top 20 Branded HR and Talent Pros.  … Get the Rest


Women Should Flirt More

FOT Note: Where my ladies at!? This Friday, we're giving you a golden gift---a blast-from-the-past FOT post you know you want to read again... trust us, it's so good,


The Science Behind Hiring For Potential

I'm a big fan of the prison series on Netflix, Orange is the New Black.  I didn't think I would like it when multiple people told me I had


Tim Sackett talks T3 – The HR Tech Conference

For T3 today I’m talking about the HR Tech Conference, not an individual piece of HR or Talent Technology.  The HR Tech Conference is held each year in


Tim Sackett discusses The 19 Types of HR & Talent Software You Need

I’m a virgin when it comes to HR Technology.  When I first got into really studying the industry I probably put HR technology into about three buckets: HR

I gots to know

Top 10 Questions To Ask HR Tech Vendors – #SHRM15 Edition!

Kris and I got the opportunity to speak to a rather fun and active group at the SHRM National Conference in Vegas a few weeks back. Standing room


Tim Sackett talks Taking A Vacation From My Vacation

I’ve got three sons, which I mostly love.  My youngest will ask frequently who I love most.  I always tell him I love him the most, unless his


Tim Sackett says It’s Always Someone’s First Time

Sometimes I forget that many other HR and Talent pros aren’t as geeky about the profession as I am.  I like to break down the profession of HR on


The Data Behind Being a Highly Selective Employer

We all think it, don't we? We all want to believe in this notion that we only hire the best and brightest. We only hire quality.  We are

bucket list

5 Things Every HR Pro Should Do Before a Disgruntled Employee Shoots You!

When I was at the SHRM National Conference last week, I gave a hug to someone and they jokingly said it they "could cross it off their bucket