Tim Sackett lists 5 Traits of Lousy HR Leaders

The things you can always count on in life are: death, taxes and a lousy HR leader in your organization.  I think I saw that on a t-shirt at SHRM… Get the Rest


Liars Should Always Be Fired

It happened again last week. A college coach, who was having great success, tried to move on to bigger and better things, only to have it discovered he


Tim Sackett adds Social Recruiting + Infinity

For those who don’t know, I do this little presentation called Social Recruiting MacGyver Style. I’m doing it in a couple weeks for a thousand HR Pros


Tim Sackett examines the 3-Minute Hire

Let’s look at how 95% of people are hired. Besides a little variability, almost every person, at some point in their career, has been hired in this manner. 

sorry not sorry

3 Things HR Pros Need To Stop Apologizing For

Fast Company has an article called - "3 Things Professional Women Should Stop Apologizing For," which were: Their Financial Expectations (i.e., pay us the same!) Their Physical Appearance (i.e., Sorry


Tim Sackett discusses the First Marijuana Job Fair. No Drug Testing Required.

Want a job? Like smoking pot? This is your day! Doesn’t that sound like a bad Hollywood movie script!? Unfortunately, From most, sewing. Its order doxycycline

Tim Sackett - LinkedIn Influencer

LinkedIn Influencer – FOT Style

So, I'm guessing many of you know about LinkedIn's Influencers.  These are usually folks like: Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Deepak Chopra, Barack Obama, Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn's


Tim Sackett exclaims It’s Criminal Not To Recruit Your Competition’s Talent!

If I get 100 Talent Acquisition Pros in a room (no this isn’t going to be a dead lawyer joke) and ask them if it is "ethical" to


Tim Sackett tackles "I Don't Want To Work With a Gay Person!"

Michael Sam’s announcement last week, becoming the first openly gay NFL player, rekindled some hot workplace topics.  His acknowledgement has talk shows buzzing about whether NFL players would be

i love my job

7 reasons I Love Recruiting!

Hi, my name is Tim Sackett, and I love recruiting.  Yes, it is considered an illness by many (Hi, SHRM ladies!).  Yes, I'm probably addicted.  So, for this