The Best HR Pros Are Self-Directed

You know what kills HR? A lack of self-direction. At Kemper Insurance, I was promoted from a recruiter to a regional HR manager. I had to lay off several hundred… Get the Rest

How To Speak CFO: A Primer For HR

So here's the thing: CFOs don't actually hate HR professionals---they just don't understand them. As a resource to you, the faithful Fistful of Talent reader, I've created a

3 Things HR Looks For In An Employee

Have you guys seen all of the selection tools that are out nowadays? It's crazy.  You can select employees based on almost any personality trait, level of intelligence

Employee Engagement: All You Need is Love

I am just back from the HR Technology Conference & Exposition where I sat through quite a few technology demonstrations that focused on improving employee engagement. Employee engagement is the

ILSHRM13 Session Preview: Kris Dunn and Laurie Ruettimann

Kris and I are thrilled to be speaking at the 14th Annual Illinois HR Conference & Exposition. The It are Great a russian drugs s my. That for

When do you hire someone? Microeconomics for HR Professionals

“When the hiring manager says so”, right?  And sure, you want to provide customer service to the humans that you support.  The larger question, though, is when does

Ignoring it Doesn’t Make it Go Away: What Non-Union Employers need to know about the NLRA

Union membership accounts for less than 20% of the current American workforce, with less than 10% of the private workforce.  HR professionals tend to divide into a small

Management Training When You’re Not Doing Management Training

Your organization’s managers have many shortcomings.  They refuse to make a decision without having a meeting and cc-ing the whole world on an email about it.  They desperately

VIDEO: 60-Second SPHR – Playing Both Sides of the Fence on Performance Issues

Editor's Note:  FOT loves to experiment.  With that in mind, Kris Dunn and Tim Sackett have launched a new series called "60-Second SPHR".  It's designed to cover ground