Clay Aiken Ruben Studdard

HR, Clay Aiken and The Phone

I live in North Carolina. Today is election day, and Clay Aiken is running for Congress. This is a big deal in my home state. Even though I don’t live in… Get the Rest

Tim Sackett - LinkedIn Influencer

LinkedIn Influencer – FOT Style

So, I'm guessing many of you know about LinkedIn's Influencers.  These are usually folks like: Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Deepak Chopra, Barack Obama, Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn's


Being a HR Cop Isn’t So Bad #ILSHRM13

Kris Dunn and I are appearing live and in person in Chicago, today. While we love Chicago, we are not there to visit my family. We are speaking at

special sauce

“Employees Are Our Most Important Asset”

It's on your website, and it's in your handbook.  You've heard an executive say it to a crowded room.  It's just vague enough that it's hard to disprove,

fake recruiters human resources

FOT Quiz: How To Spot A Fake Recruiter

Sorry, HR and Talent Pros - this is an article for your Hiring Managers and your Executives.  Please pass it along to them - you can stop reading

play nice recruiting

Rude Candidates are Annoying. But, Maybe I Should Be Nicer to Them

Something has been bugging me and I feel I need to confess.  It happened many years ago and I frequently think about it.  But, not until recently have


Employment Branding: Resources to Get the Recognition You Deserve!

Bookmark this list and save it to get credit for the good things you're doing anyway. We at FOT are focusing on your EVP this month, culminating in the Bootstrap


Your Headcount Wishlist

When the day comes, who are you going to hire? We’re not always going to be cutting back.  Sure, it seems like it now, but at some point, the


Recruiting: Things I’ve Learned From Used Car Salesmen

Recruiting is selling. There's no way around that. You sell the company, you sell yourself and you sell the pay and benefits. I struggled with this at first because

i voted

You’re not Mitt Romney…You Don’t Need to Sell Yourself By Bashing Your Competitors

Ah...the joys of election season. I love watching candidates try to convince us that the reason we should vote for them is because the other guy sucks. Mitt Romney