Easter Eggs

HR Easter Eggs

Are you a fan of Easter Eggs? No, not the colored hard-shell variety your kids are harvesting–the other kind of Easter Eggs, i.e. “hidden information.” Want an example? Classic Rock geeks might be… Get the Rest


Happy Spring Break! Now Get Back to Work.

It’s Spring Break this week (at least where I live)! Time to take some time off!!! Vacation time!!! What’s that? You did not get any time away from the office this

Scraping jobs

You Make the Call: Is This 3rd Party Scraping Jobs a Hero, Shady or Something Worse?

A few years back, former FOT editor Jessica Lee did a post on The Ladders scraping jobs from her corporate site here at FOT (See the entire post


10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your HR Person

I spent Spring Break outside of Austin, Texas. It was chill. Everyone was recovering from SXSW or from the crowd of non-Texans who invaded the city. Austin


Promises, Promises…

"Medals are rarely awarded during times of peace." - Price Pritchett You've been drafted, HR. Your company is being acquired, and you are needed (even if not asked) to

sorry not sorry

3 Things HR Pros Need To Stop Apologizing For

Fast Company has an article called - "3 Things Professional Women Should Stop Apologizing For," which were: Their Financial Expectations (i.e., pay us the same!) Their Physical Appearance (i.e., Sorry

Miley Cyrus

The Definitive Miley Cyrus Guide to HR

As told through her latest (and greatest?) album... Bangerz. Her distinct and deep knowledge of HR is woven into the tapestry of her latest album. Don't hate her

PTO Policies

Why You Should Eliminate Your Paid Time Off Policies

Let's meet Bill: Bill's a hard-working guy who always meet his goals (sometimes exceeding them). He's more than willing to help out others on his team, and he regularly

banana split

Do Your Best

I recently sat through a lecture from a colleague of mine who is vegan. She doesn't drink milkshakes, doesn't eat omelets, and she won't wear leather. "Cows don't drink

Phil Robertson

The Ballad of Phil Robertson

DISCLAIMER: Jason is not a poet.  And he knows it! ______________ Now, sit back kids, grab a chair and relax. Have a beer and a banana. Cuz, I’m gonna tell you bout