5 Common Myths Employees Have About HR & Recruiting

I know many of you run into the same thing. You introduce yourself to someone in a non-professional setting—say a neighborhood picnic or some other social gathering. The person finds… Get the Rest

beat down

RANT: Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down

God, I like you people. You're nice. You're professional. You shop at Dillards, so you always look fresh and clean---which brings us to our first video featuring Andre 3000. (Email


4 Reasons Great Recruiters are Great at Recruiting

I was reminded this past week that recruiting is very hard. No, it's not hard to post a job on your careers page and wait for a resume,

Monetize assets

Weird Al Writes the World’s Greatest Mission Statement

You may have seen the plethora of Weird Al videos invading your Facebook feed lately. You see, he currently has the #1 album in the country.  The video

king james

Is Your Company a Family or a Team? Why Smart People Still Don’t Get Human Business

About a month ago on the HBR website in their HR Blog section, some smart and successful people wrote a post called Your Company Is Not a Family.

Bad Habits

Top 3 Organizational Bad Habits and How To Break ‘Em

Leaving the toilet seat up (in a house full of women).  Talking with your mouth full. Eating a dozen doughnuts at 2AM. Drinking too much. Sensing a pattern?

PTO for moms

The Relationship Between Being Knocked Up and Paying Out PTO…

What the hell is going on in America?  My friend and FOT colleague Tim Sackett dropped some science earlier this week that indicated he actually might be in

Pat yourself on the back

What Do Successful People Do On Friday Afternoon?

Happy Monday, Fistful of Talent clan! As you are starting your work week... grabbing that first weekly cup of coffee; looking back on a fun, sunny and event-filled weekend;

face punch

People I’d Like To Punch In The Face

"I'd like to punch him/her in the face!" I'm addicted to saying this lately. It's my new go-to phrase for when someone pisses me off. The funny thing is,

Donald Sterling

Your Worst Employee Thinks He’s a Superstar

Go ahead and buy the most comprehensive and expensive talent management solution on the market. Spend hours training your supervisors to give honest and timely feedback to poorly