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Musing On The Candidate Experience… In Parental Recruiting Mode

I have two teenagers… both were gainfully employed last summer.  Which meant I had a summer of bliss.  You know what I mean if you have teenagers. Both did great… Get the Rest


5 Common Myths Employees Have About HR & Recruiting

I know many of you run into the same thing. You introduce yourself to someone in a non-professional setting---say a neighborhood picnic or some other social gathering. The

PTO for moms

The Relationship Between Being Knocked Up and Paying Out PTO…

What the hell is going on in America?  My friend and FOT colleague Tim Sackett dropped some science earlier this week that indicated he actually might be in


Happy Spring Break! Now Get Back to Work.

It’s Spring Break this week (at least where I live)! Time to take some time off!!! Vacation time!!! What’s that? You did not get any time away from the office this

PTO Policies

Why You Should Eliminate Your Paid Time Off Policies

Let's meet Bill: Bill's a hard-working guy who always meet his goals (sometimes exceeding them). He's more than willing to help out others on his team, and he regularly

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Random Thoughts as I Thaw Out My Brain…

Random thoughts on the work world as I thaw out from shoveling for the fourth time in a week... I really hate that some hiring managers still think there

what drives compensation

What’s Driving Compensation In Your Market?

LeBron James famously once said that he was going to take his talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat. That was three years ago and

Parental leave in the US sucks

Parental Leave in the US Really Does Suck

Pop Quiz: What does the United States of America have in common with Papua New Guinea and Swaziland? Well, pretty much nothing at all EXCEPT, according to a study

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Every Company Needs A Giving Campaign

When I write for FOT, I intentionally try to keep a lot of my day to day at Microsoft out of it.  You all know where I work. 

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Would say $500/month be enough to get you to move closer to the office?

The recent ‘working from home’ kerfuffle that sprang from Yahoo’s decision to end all remote working arrangements and Best Buy’s move to end their ROWE program at their corporate HQ,