I will not eat

Leftovers? AGAIN??

Even as kids we all realized something… when you ask “what’s for dinner?” and the answer is “leftovers,” Mom was out of time, patience, or energy. No matter the reason,… Get the Rest


I’m Trying To Talk My Brother Into Working In HR

I'm trying to talk my little brother into working in HR. I know, I know. It's a horrible idea for a million reasons. Wait, it's not a terrible idea. He

candidate experience vs. exployee experience

Employee Experience vs. Candidate Experience

If 2015 taught us anything as HR and Talent Pros it's that you better be minding your candidate experience!  I mean, you couldn't open an article or blog


Screw The Gym. 3 Healthier Ways To Keep Your 2016 HR Resolutions

January 1st.  My gym is packed.  Brand new workout gear is on display.  There's a line for the adduction lever machine. Fitness resolutions are certainly worthy, but, like most


VIDEO: Charlie Judy on Overcomplicating the Idea of Candidate Experience

On this episode of “No Scrubs,” host Dawn Burke talks to Charlie Judy, Founder and CEO of TruWork, on the topic of candidate experience---specifically... is it a bunch of


Candidate Experience is Built on One Great Big Lie!

I recently traveled down to Sydney, Australia to speak at HR Tech Fest. I was asked to do a couple of sessions, and because I spent twenty hours


Read It And CHEER: BEST Candidate Response Ever

Yesterday my recruiter received the GREATEST candidate response to a rejection notice I’ve seen as an HR pro. For context: this candidate’s experience/salary requirements weren’t as great a


Baby Boomers Leaving Doesn’t Equal Lack of Workers!

You're finally feeling it, aren't you?  Those older workers, the ones we call the Baby Boomers, are finally retiring. The great famed "White Wave" is upon us, about


The HR Gateway Drug = Candidate Experience

Today we are gonna stir the pot a little on a topic most HR pros still need a 101 on---it’s called Candidate Experience (CE). My company, Daxko, just

4 things

Four Things that Make a Business Builder

Twitter is in the news a lot lately, with the return of Jack Dorsey as its CEO. Some stories revolve around Dorsey and his relationship with Fred Wilson, a