Punish an Employee For a CEO’s Bad Behavior? Yes.

Or no? I waited for Uber for so long.  Despite being the largest city in Alabama, it took a while to get to Birmingham. However, as a frequent traveler, I’d… Get the Rest

3 Reasons HR Should Pay Attention to the Amazon-Whole Foods Deal

$13.7 billion buys a lot of organic quinoa. Lots of talk around Amazon's purchase of Whole Foods and what it means for the grocery business, farmers, those whose jobs

HR and the Dark Side of Leadership

I am speaking in June at #SHRM 2017 in New Orleans on “HR and the Dark Side of Leadership”. Dark topics are not new for me or for

Today is #GivingTuesday

Remember how you ate a bunch of food last week and then went out and bought a bunch of junk for family members who don't love you during

SHRM Leadership Should Lead

Today is a big day. There are several hundred human resources professionals descending on Washington DC to participate in SHRM's Leadership Conference Hill Day. They are lobbying our Congressional

Are You Trying to Shave Off Squared Edges to Make Talent Fit?

Houston is blessed and cursed right now and I'm not just talking about the Texans.  The city is booming due to the vibrant oil and gas industry; and

Every Company Needs A Giving Campaign

When I write for FOT, I intentionally try to keep a lot of my day to day at Microsoft out of it.  You all know where I work. 

CSR: Who’s Kicking More ### for Humanity: Bill Gates or Google?

I'm serious with the question, because I'm not sure. First up, for the crowd that thinks CSR is a call center position in East Bogalusa for the cable company