What Would You Do With Marshawn Lynch?

Ok… I was trying really really hard NOT to write about the Seahawks. I think it’s pretty clear from past posts that I love my Seahawks. And, given that they are… Get the Rest

post and pray

The Post and Pray Podcast E1: Building A New Careers Site [PODCAST]

FOT Note – Welcome to “The Post and Pray Podcast,” a new monthly podcast series we’re kicking off in conjunction with the good folks at CareerBuilder. All we talk about on this podcast


Recruit Like A Marketer: Surprise and Delight (Then Reap The Social Reward!)

Yesterday Uber partnered with the Animal Planet to bring adorable and adoptable puppies to offices in a handful of major metropolitan cities in their footprint. While the offer


Happy #TimSackettDay 2015 – Here’s to you, Victorio Milian

It's that day. The day where we all raise our travel coffee mugs to toast a leader in the HR and Talent space who is doing awesome stuff


3 Ways To A Championship Interview

Interview blunders.  We all have the stories.  One of my recent favorites: Guy candidate who couldn't hold it any longer went #2 in the urinal vs. waiting for a

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5 Things You Should Have In Your ATS Messaging to Avoid Looking Like an ***

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VIDEO: Jason Lauritsen From Quantum Workplace on Why Assessments Work (No Scrubs Series)

FOT Note – Welcome to "No Scrubs," a new monthly video series we’re kicking off in conjunction with the good folks at This is the only show on the web

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2015 Employer Branding Resolutions

It’s the first Monday in January and the first day back to work for corporate America after the holiday season. At this point in the year, you’ve already


10 Things To Do At Work on Christmas EVE EVE and Christmas EVE

If you're reading this, you're probably at work on this fine Christmas Eve Eve. That sucks, even if you don't celebrate Christmas. Regardless of your religion (or lack


RESOLVED: Working Less in 2015

As we wind down 2014 and you as an HR/Talent professional naturally take some time to assess the performance and productivity of the assembled talent in your organization