We have three generations of “women leaders” in the workforce right now. The first wave is old school. They established businesses and made money while raising kids and managing households. Of… Get the Rest


The Wu-Tang Clan of HR: An Inclusive, Hip Voice Isn’t Always Inclusive

A few months ago, a reader reached out to me with a big concern. She's African American with a strong background in IT, and she felt that far


On Privilege

I just read a great book called Bad Feminist: Essays. Written by Roxane Gay---writer, blogger, professor, feminist---she explores all sorts of funny and interesting stuff from feminism to dating

3 Things HR looks for in employees

3 Things HR Looks For In An Employee

Have you guys seen all of the selection tools that are out nowadays? It's crazy.  You can select employees based on almost any personality trait, level of intelligence


Condi Rice…Breaking Another Glass Ceiling That Shouldn’t Exist

Before I begin my rant this morning, I should print a disclaimer.  My alma mater does not have a football team.  We have an awesome basketball team that


HR Pros Rejoice – Thanksgivukkah!

One of the toughest times each year for HR Pros has to be the holiday season. It's the one time each year that our support for diversity really

computer science majors

Changing The Tech Gender Ratio One CS Student at a Time

For quite some time now there has been increased attention on the comparative lack of women in technology companies and in technology roles across most companies generally. This

chiva usa

Chivas USA: Is It Ever OK to Transform an Incumbent Organization Into One Classified By Race/Nationality?

There are obviously plenty of organizations where members are identified by their race, national origin, gender, and age. I don't have to list them here - you know


What Sustains You?

We see the word sustainability a lot today.  Mostly focused on environmental issues but I’m seeing it more and more being played out as a “human” issue –

hr bias police

You’re a Sourcer…are you also the Bias Police?

This actually came up as a statement and not so much a question in one of my team calls over the last month.  Our sourcing team has somehow