The 5 Components Your Monthly Communications to ATS Candidate Pools Should Have

Kate Weimer Email, Kate Weimer, Recruitment Marketing

Even though social media is where everyone in the marketing space (including recruitment marketing) loves to focus their attention these days, the more traditional email campaign is a long ways away from laying six feet under. In fact, you’d be foolish not to incorporate some type of email campaigning into your recruitment marketing strategy. Therefore, one of the must-haves for …

We Don’t Talk Anymore

Mark Fogel Communication, Email, Mark Fogel

Folks don’t talk anymore at work. It is just too easy to text or type email bombs to colleagues all day long. Some folks think this is more efficient or effective. I don’t. Even external client interactions are shying away from personal communication, hiding behind automated systems and online chat. Recently I had a bad experience with McGraw-Hill publishing that …

exclamation point

5 Things Your Exclamation Point (!!!) In Email Means to Me

Kris Dunn Communication, Email, Kris Dunn

You know who you are.  You love to use the exclamation point in emails and writing! Yes!!! You’re a peppy son of a gun.  We’re watching your enthusiasm for life and/or your sense of urgency. The thing is, you use the exclamation point so much that we’re not sure if if all that enthusiasm and/or urgency is real. Let’s start …