Talent Swag

Talent Swag: Transparency in Identifying Leadership Potential

Okay, let me start by saying I’m a pretty young guy and I feel as though I’m “hip to the jive.” I can also admit that some nights I sit… Get the Rest

The CYA Report E52: Keeping Employees Happy and Productive at Work with Lee Burbage [PODCAST]

Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by Workforce.com and Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have Lee Burbage, chief people officer at Motley Fool, on Keeping

Tis the season to be learning

‘Tis The Season To Be Learning

Image this scenario: You are sitting at home enjoying some quiet time right before the holidays. Perhaps you are wrapping gifts, baking some cookies or taking a nap. Then

Three Types of Employees

Developing Your Team: Three Types of People (And Why You’re The Problem)

You wish your team would accept greater responsibility. Why don't they seize the moment and just do it? It's a common thread for me and the people I hang

Make Mistakes Human Resources

It’s Less About Mistakes and More About Recovery

Even James Taylor makes mistakes.  I probably would have let it slide if he continued on with "America The Beautiful"; but glad he made a graceful recovery and started

Talent Management

Talent Management, 1989 Style

Once upon a time, in 1983, a track & field team was formed at a small division III school in Northeast, PA, named Moravian College.  Like most new

no crying at work human resources

How To: Make it Stop! Employees Crying at Work – The Kiss of Corporate Awkwardness

My friend Leslie called me last week and before I even said hello she blurted out, “I cried in front of a (male) Senior Leader today. Like, really

human resourse safe words fistful of talent

5 HR Safe Swear Words

I tend to use swear words.  Not all the time – I’m not like some sailor walking around the office dropping ‘F-Bombs’ all the time, but in select

save endangered jobs fistful of talent

Save The CIO’s From Extinction.

A few years ago a Software Development Manger walked into my office, slumped into the beanbag chair across from my desk, and exhaustedly announced that he wished people

don't lie to candidates fistful of talent

You Dirty Rotten Scoundrel – Interviews and Lies.

I was talking to my friends little brother, Sam, over the weekend and after a year of working at a bar and living in his parents' basement he