Sit the bench

Ever Wish You Could Bench an Employee?

Baseball season is deep into its first month, which means leadership lessons from America’s favorite pastime are everywhere. Watch highlights from 2,430 MLB games, and you will see examples of… Get the Rest


Are Job Titles Participation Trophies for Grown Ups?

I’m not a big fan of generalizing generations and playing into a faux “millennial” industrial complex, making money convincing everyone that we need to reinvent the world because

Love Killer App

Hey HR – Is It Time to Be Less Business-y?

This post might whip a few HR heads around. I’m suggesting that that HR may want to spend a bit more time being touchy-feely and less time being all


R. Kelly and Eccentric Employee Relations Issues

In case you haven't heard, we are right in the middle of my birthday week. (That's right. I am one of those adult women who demand an entire week.

Tis the season to be learning

‘Tis The Season To Be Learning

Image this scenario: You are sitting at home enjoying some quiet time right before the holidays. Perhaps you are wrapping gifts, baking some cookies or taking a nap. Then

future employee

Hey HR – Who do you want your employees to become?

My company president forwarded me an article from Harvard Business that contained the transcript of an interview that Harvard IdeaCast had with MIT’s Michael Schrage, a frequent HBR


Congratulations – You’re Non-Essential

Other than the people who are actually responsible for it, some federal employees are being forced to stay home as the US government goes into shutdown mode. It started

friends like human resources

With Friends Like Me…

"Always drink upstream from the herd." - Will Rogers One of the lesser-known pitfalls for an HR professional working as a Business Partner is one not normally mentioned when

fired from day job and has no idea

You’re Fired…but You Won’t Know It For Weeks.

As HR pro’s it’s just part of the job that we come across shockingly not-smart employees once in a while - the ones who do something so stupid

rj morris saturday pic

Unwritten Rules, Bean-balls and Slap Fights

Part of being a parent is teaching our kids how to settle their own differences. My eleven year old, especially, is getting better at solving the minor disputes