3 Reasons HR Should Pay Attention to the Amazon-Whole Foods Deal

$13.7 billion buys a lot of organic quinoa. Lots of talk around Amazon’s purchase of Whole Foods and what it means for the grocery business, farmers, those whose jobs will… Get the Rest

Multi-Generation Employment Branding and the Whole Foods Dilemma

Whole Foods made some noise last week following their announcement of a new lower-cost chain of stores geared at the millennial generation. While limited details around the new

Win the War for Talent: Double Down on Benefits

If you haven't heard, we are in a war for talent. I spend my time with recruiters and HR professionals who don't know how to compete with big

Don’t Be A HR Scrooge This Holiday Season!

Welcome to my favorite time of the year!  The season of company holiday parties!  Otherwise known as the night when relationships are either solidified or ruined in the

I Can Bring Home The Bacon, But Don’t Let Me Touch A Frying Pan

"I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan.  And never let you forget you're a man! Cause I'm a woman..."  This is the song

HR Pros Rejoice – Thanksgivukkah!

One of the toughest times each year for HR Pros has to be the holiday season. It's the one time each year that our support for diversity really

Hostess – A Company of Ding Dongs

When all of this Hostess stuff started to go down, my first thought was to stockpile every single Twinkie I could find. Next to Little Debbie"s Oatmeal

Embrace Your Shame

"The point is, ladies and gentleman, that shame, for lack of a better word, is good. Shame is right, shame works. Shame clarifies, cuts through, and captures the

How To Amp Up Those #HR Socially Awkward Situations

We've all been there. You see that ex-employee out on the town, you try to avoid the person at all costs because you can't really remember why they don't

Lunch Breaks: 1 Hour Too Long

We do a lot of stuff in our organizations for the sake of, well, "we've always done it that way" kind of thinking.  Why do we have our