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We Need More Meetings at Work

I know – lock me up. While everyone else is finding ways to dodge meetings I’m raising the flag that says in order to do better business we need to… Get the Rest


Calling the 2016 Presidential Election for HR!

Last week, I spoke with HR and recruiting professionals in Omaha. Have you been there? It's nice---if you like chain restaurants, which I do. Give me sweet potato fries and some


Why So Serious?! 5 Ways To Inject A Little Sex Appeal Into Your Training Program

A few months back, I was chatting with an HR manager and they shared with me that their company was considering bulking up their training program. That’s when they said

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Stop Doing Stupid Things: HR and Talent Edition

There are many aspects and elements of HR and Talent Management that are really hard. Identifying future leaders, determining succession strategies, developing and implementing that "just right" compensation

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Weird Recruiting Habits We Can’t Break

Yesterday a client of mine lost out on a legitimate rock star engineering candidate.  The candidate wanted the job, but had another exceptional offer on the table, as


Everyone Needs Their Mr. Spock

Whatever... I know it's late.  But my turn wasn't up yet. Still, despite the late timing, I can't let my opportunity pass without paying homage to the one

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WEBINAR: The Difference Between Performance and Potential: A 9-Box Primer for Smart HR Pros

If you're like everyone else in the free world, March brings a little bit of a grind.  The hope and promise of the new year has settled into


How Recruiters Get Promoted

Like a lot of folks, I fell into recruiting. I did not go to college to be a recruiter. Instead, I wanted to be an astronaut. A life

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Mobile Recruiting: Have You Cracked The Code? (Part 1 of 2)

I want to preface this post by sharing how much I love Chipotle, specifically their Barbacoa tacos. Spicy, shredded beef, seared, then slowly braised for hours in a

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VIDEO: Robin Schooling on The Necessities of Reference Checking

In the video above, Dawn Burke follows up with HR expert and consultant, Robin Schooling, to hash out the topic of her latest post here, which talks about reference checks