RESOLVED: Working Less in 2015

As we wind down 2014 and you as an HR/Talent professional naturally take some time to assess the performance and productivity of the assembled talent in your organization (as well… Get the Rest

cold feet

5 Things You Should Know This Week

It's a brand new week, FOT Nation. And you know what that means... get started by reading the following 5 articles: 1. Now, a Job Site for Candidates With Cold


Sackadamus Gives His 2015 Predictions

The Annual Sackadamus FOT Predictions have become legendary, primarily for their uncanny accuracy and for the simple fact no one is willing to go out on such a


White People and Political Correctness

The first thing I want you to know is that this post has nothing to do with with things you might expect based on the title.  Let me


Don’t Be A HR Scrooge This Holiday Season!

Welcome to my favorite time of the year!  The season of company holiday parties!  Otherwise known as the night when relationships are either solidified or ruined in the


What’s Your Special Sauce?

One of my prouder childhood achievements was beating the 30-second BigMac "challenge" as a 9-year old in desperate need of a promotional "Hamburglar" glass. Dad took me into the


5 Things You Should Know This Week

Welcome back to another great week with your favorite blogging team! Here are five things to get your week started right: 1. The Incredible Shrinking Incomes of Young Americans: It's


Nerd Fights, Inferiority Complexes and Data Analysis

HR pros, and especially all of us bloggers, will often poke fun at ourselves, teasing about picnic planning, seats at tables and dress codes. I use the technique

HR Books

Great HR Books Are Not Always HR Books

I know you like Dave Ulrich and Daniel Pink, which is fine, but it's no longer 2009. You can learn lessons about human resources from other sources, which

sourcing tool

Crapadappadoo! What Sourcing Tool Did I Miss In 2014?

It's December and I'm taking stock... stock of my tools and gizmos to source.  I'm not the only one---float into any sourcing chat or group, and you'll see