Happy Spring Break! Now Get Back to Work.

It’s Spring Break this week (at least where I live)! Time to take some time off!!! Vacation time!!! What’s that? You did not get any time away from the office… Get the Rest


Employee Communications: It’s Not Enough to Update People

Are you a human resources professional who toils over plan documents, cafeteria posters, email campaigns—and even schedules tweets—with the hope that employees will feel empowered, consulted and informed? I

the last HR blog post

The Last HR Blog Post You’ll Ever Have To Read

I started blogging about HR and workplace technology in about 2007 or so, and in the ensuing years I have written something like 1,500 blog posts. For each

SHRM members for transparency

The CYA Report E57: SHRM Members for Transparency—2 Years Later [PODCAST]

Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by and Fistful Shade smell high primer that Moist out page tact thumb and shower asterisk viagra vs cialis


10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your HR Person

I spent Spring Break outside of Austin, Texas. It was chill. Everyone was recovering from SXSW or from the crowd of non-Texans who invaded the city. Austin


Are Job Titles Participation Trophies for Grown Ups?

I’m not a big fan of generalizing generations and playing into a faux “millennial” industrial complex, making money convincing everyone that we need to reinvent the world because

Talent Swag

Talent Swag: Transparency in Identifying Leadership Potential

Okay, let me start by saying I’m a pretty young guy and I feel as though I’m "hip to the jive." I can also admit that some nights

Creating a lasting company culture

The CYA Report E55: Creating A Lasting Company Culture with Ben Peterson [PODCAST]

Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by and Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have Ben Peterson, Co-Founder and CEO of BambooHR, on Creating a Lasting

Find Me

Sourcers: How Does Someone Who Needs You… Find You?

It's a valid question. Where I hang out—G+, Twitter, LinkedIn, others (i.e. HR Management)—often fear to lurk. And the ones that do, are typically pretty much

Arthur Chu

Chu-phoria, The Forrest Bounce, and the Challenge of High Performers

If you follow the long-running TV game show Jeopardy!, then you are probably familiar with Arthur Chu, whose recent run of success on the show has been both