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On our evening walk through the park last night, my husband and I realized that today would mark the 13th anniversary of the attacks on the US by al-Qaeda in… Get the Rest

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Recruit Like a Marketer: Retarget Your Recruiting Budget Into Retargeting

On a scale of zero to very limited, I fall about dead center when it comes to possessing any traditional recruiting experience.  As a result, pulling from a

big data

Hey Big Data, I’m Just Trying To Do My Job…

Pharmacy transactions, on average, account for around 70% of overall daily sales at stores like Walgreens; everything else is just really pennies on the dollar. So it’s not

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My Monday Motivation Starts on July 24, 2014.

I received the below text from my best friend last week (pardon any talk-to-text typos). She’s a healthcare recruiter down in South Florida and isn’t exactly crazy about


I Like My Sugar With Coffee and… EDM? A GenY Spin on Morning Motivation.

While the coupling of a dashboard-thumping Beastie Boys hit single and a Starbuck’s Venti coffee  is enough fuel to send most of today’s workforce into their nine-to-five on


Recruit Like a Marketer: Outsource Your Job Descriptions

After my last post on A/B testing your JDs, Tim Gummer at Recruiting Associates challenged my suggestion. And rightfully so. Because when it comes down to it, ain’t


Recruit like a Marketer: A/B Test Your Job Descriptions

If you’ve read it in a blog post once, you’ve seen it re-tweeted, re-shared and re-posted 1000x. Recruiting=marketing. Or to some degree, recruiters should adopt elements of marketing into

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Is Your Company’s Culture In Conflict With Social Media Trends?

I had the opportunity to speak this week on a panel for the Technology Association of Georgia. The topic--as an overwhelming number of panel topics seem to lean--was


Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (This question is the pits.)

If you told me at 23 that I’d be spending my St. Patrick’s Day weekend debating paint samples and watching The Talented Mr. Ripley on Netflix with my

positive self talk

Your Employment Brand is Making Me Feel Bad.

I spend my Saturday mornings coaching for Girls on the Run (GOTR), a transformational youth development program, teaching life skills through dynamic, interactive lessons and running games. The ultimate goal