If Playboy Can Give Up Nudity, You Can Toss An Outdated Vacation Policy

“I only read it for the articles” may soon be true for Playboy fans! Playboy has officially announced it will be PG-13 as of 2016 and no longer print nude… Get the Rest

Need Motivation? Mark Cuban Can Help.

I think about the various things that motivate me and most are internally vs. externally driven.  For example, getting up at 5am five days a week to workout

Holiday Giving For Employees – It’s Not That Simple

I have two kids... actually they are no longer kids but young adults---21 and 23. When they were 6 and 4, buying them gifts for Christmas was easy.

Kobe Bryant and Paying Above Market Compensation

If you follow professional sports, you probably know by now that Kobe Bryant returned to the NBA in December, played six games, and has been back out with injuries since

Would say $500/month be enough to get you to move closer to the office?

The recent ‘working from home’ kerfuffle that sprang from Yahoo’s decision to end all remote working arrangements and Best Buy’s move to end their ROWE program at their corporate HQ,

1st Time Job Regrets

how can i get back with my ex girlfriend One of the most read blog posts I've written in the last two years is: How To 'Really' Get

Why is Your Retirement My Problem?

I'm a 401k salesman. Don't get me wrong, I'm an HR generalist in the truest, small-company sense.  I source dozens of jobs a month, touch a lot of compensation

Celebrate Rarely. Grind Daily.

bad credit need a home I was driving recently, can't remember where, and listening to the radio when the commentator I was listening to (again, can't remember who)

Lunch Breaks: 1 Hour Too Long

We do a lot of stuff in our organizations for the sake of, well, "we've always done it that way" kind of thinking.  Why do we have our

Do What You Love! Or don’t…

As an HR Professional I can't tell you how many times over the past 2 decades I've either read or listen to some conference speaker go on poetically