Delete HR

Oops–I Deleted the HR Department

(DEARBORN, MI) – Last night, during a routine server swap, John Davies, IT Director at Kapper Media, inadvertently deleted the company’s entire HR department, sources confirm. “All the files, all… Get the Rest

HR Ninja

The CYA Report E56: How HR Is Killing Innovation with Hitendra Patel [PODCAST]

Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by and Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have Hitendra Patel, Managing Director of the IXL Center and Chair of

new face of hr

Maybe the Ignorant Have the Best HR Answers

I am ignorant. I’m not stupid.  I’m not slow.  I’m just ignorant. I’m ignorant of what HR practitioners go through every day.  I don’t know what they hear from their


Are YOU Planning on Doing Away With Your Managers? Doubtful.

A new word crept into HR's vernacular last week:  holacracy. Better get used to seeing it because I'm sure every twitter chat and every blog post by every consultant

wait and do

Beware of You—”Wait and Do” (Part 2 of 4)

The first installment was fairly remarkable if I do say so m'self. This post? Wow, are you in for a treat—I've got taglines. One of my favorite concepts from Dr. Pritchett's Hacking

wearable technology

Through the HR Glass, Darkly

If you had to pick, what one new or emerging technology would you expect to have the most significant impact on work and workplaces in, say, the next

future employee

Hey HR – Who do you want your employees to become?

My company president forwarded me an article from Harvard Business that contained the transcript of an interview that Harvard IdeaCast had with MIT’s Michael Schrage, a frequent HBR

the future of recruiting tools

The Future of Recruiting Tools

What tools are you currently using to find candidates? -Resume databases – probably 90% of recruiters (internal and external). -LinkedIn – probably 75% of recruiters with professional type openings. -Facebook –

knowledge sharing

What To Do With All The Effing Knowledge

The HR appropriate version of the title is from Scarface... albeit they were talking about cash I"m going to bore the hell out of you about knowledge sharing


HR Pros Rejoice – Thanksgivukkah!

One of the toughest times each year for HR Pros has to be the holiday season. It's the one time each year that our support for diversity really