Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (This question is the pits.)

If you told me at 23 that I’d be spending my St. Patrick’s Day weekend debating paint samples and watching The Talented Mr. Ripley on Netflix with my dogs, I… Get the Rest

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Random Thoughts as I Thaw Out My Brain…

Random thoughts on the work world as I thaw out from shoveling for the fourth time in a week... I really hate that some hiring managers still think there

tour bus

Talent Acquisition or Travel Agent?

My mother has become one of “them.” Later in her life and now single, she is one of those senior citizens riding around on a mongo coach bus,

the most least credible person

The Least Credible HR Person I Know

The least credible HR Pro I know got that way because he hired bad leaders. Period. He recruited, screened, sold and pushed misfits. It’s a surefire way to


Access Denied: The Trouble With Coordinating Interviews

Years ago, I worked with a kick-ass HR manager named Megan. She was passionate about her job and held an MBA from an esteemed university. Meg loved everything

Parks and Recreation

Basically, My Wife Thinks I Suck At Interviewing

A rare drawback of being with my wife since I was 19 is that she’s now seen me through my “glory years.”  In fact, one of her favorite

3 Things HR looks for in employees

3 Things HR Looks For In An Employee

Have you guys seen all of the selection tools that are out nowadays? It's crazy.  You can select employees based on almost any personality trait, level of intelligence

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A Fake HR Person to Test For Jerks

The old recruiter joke is that every hire that a recruiter makes is a great hire. We take all of the credit for good hires. Bad employees? Those

Make Mistakes Human Resources

It’s Less About Mistakes and More About Recovery

Even James Taylor makes mistakes.  I probably would have let it slide if he continued on with "America The Beautiful"; but glad he made a graceful recovery and started

interview rejection feedback

How'd I Do? Rejection Feedback – Give It To Me

Interviews can be a lot like first dates. You stress about what to wear.  Should I overdress, look professionally hip or wear something really memorable?  You prepare. What are