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Steve Boese, Matt Stollak and Kris Dunn Report From The NBA Summer League

FOT had two writers in Las Vegas last weekend (Steve Boese and Kris Dunn) as well as a longtime friend (Matt Stollak) to cover the NBA Summer League. Together, they… Get the Rest


So You Want Innovation From the Peeps? The Way You Set Goals Will Have to Change.

Senior level course on performance and goal setting today, people. It's not often that I hear people tell me they wish they could get more innovation from their direct

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Does The “Humpty Dance” Automatically Play When HR Gets Emailed at Fox News?

Of course not.  There are a lot of strong HR pros at that organization. But as Kris Dunn writes over at the HR Capitalist, it's been a tough week

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Development Plans For HiPos: Complicated

Let's face it, most of you have high potentials at your company. Whether they work for you directly or are part of your extended team, they're there.  Also,


WAIT, THIS IS ISN’T ABOUT ZAPPOS: But Someone Else Will Pay You To Leave If You’re That Miserable…

Remember a few years back when we all went gaga in HR about Zappos? When they were offering new hires getting ready to graduate new hire training a


The New School Podcast: Using Non-Traditional Recruiting Pools To Land Top Tech Talent

Welcome to the first episode of The New School Podcast, featuring host, Tim Sackett! In our first episode, Tim talks to Kris Dunn, CHRO at Kinetix, on hiring non-traditional candidates


Kris Dunn shares The Smartest “Hot Take” I’ve Read About the Microsoft Acquisition of LinkedIn…

Microsoft said last week that it would acquire LinkedIn in a $26.2 billion cash deal. The acquisition, by far the largest in Microsoft’s history, unites two companies in different businesses:

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WEBINAR – Instagramming HR: 5 Filters HR Pros Can Use To Transform Into Better Recruiters

You know it's true---you're a great HR Pro, but you don't really like to recruit. That's okay, because you're good at a million other things your company values. But


VIDEO: L&D Hangout: How to Make Harassment Training Sexy

You know it's true---you've got a lot of opportunity to make your harassment training less boring and more dynamic. Watch the video above to hear Kris Dunn and Alison

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I Heard Google Pays Mailroom Boys 100K (Dealing with Competitive Issues on Compensation)

Quote - "If the grass looks greener on the other side, it is probably AstroTurf." -Unknown Everybody wants more money, people. This we know. Internal issues related to pay are one thing.