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LEADERSHIP BIRTH RATE: Some Leaders Are Just More Fertile Than Others

A few months ago, I wrote about an alternative measurement of quality of leadership called Leadership Gravity.  I’ve got another one for you, but this one is about kicking the kids… Get the Rest


The Performance Enhancing Podcast E2: Using Social Media Effectively In HR [PODCAST]

Today on the second edition of the Performance Enhancing Podcast, host Kris Dunn talks with Nick Borelli, Director of Marketing at CSR Colortone Staging & Rentals, on using social media effectively

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The 5 Managerial Responses to Sabotage At Work…

Human behavior is so... well... human. How many times have you seen it? The pressure's on at work, and maybe even layoffs look like they might be around corner---or another

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VIDEO: Kris Dunn on Choosing The Right HR Technology For Your Company

HR Pros! Don't be held hostage by "what if." You heard me. All you HR Pros out there who are shaking in your boots about pulling the trigger on

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Risk Averse? Shy? Here’s the Social Strategy For You…

One of the biggest issues for HR pros, Recruiters and Talent professionals when it comes to using social media at work is the concept of RISK.  The problem

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Why Your Social Recruiting Efforts Suck

Note from FOT: The best social recruiting efforts give gifts of time, knowledge, community and transparency into the organization you recruit for. Need a story to have it all make


Kris Dunn expounds On Tom Brady and Getting Caught Breaking a Rule at Work…

By now, you've heard that the suspension handed down to Tom Brady by the NFL for improper "deflating" footballs (4 games this season) has been upheld. Tom, Tom, Tom.

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FOT Job of The Month: VP of Talent Acquisition (Denver)

FOT Note: We have no shame here at FOT in using our platform to sell a job. Nope, not one bit. Why would we? We're all about giving you


Kris Dunn says HEY BIG COMPANY: Are Your Management Trainees Bristling At Being Salaried Employees?

Ah yes... The time honored tradition of the management trainee position.  You know it, you love it. You recognize the value. But are you legal when it comes to


Facts of (Work) Life: “Manager Pass-Through”

I wrote about the manager pass-through in 2011.  It's an important fact of life in every organization, so I'm writing about it again today. Here's the trick: Imagine