Telling High Potential Employees That They’re High Potential

One of the cool things about writing at FOT is that I get to meet tons of folks from around the country. I often get questions from those awesome HR… Get the Rest

5 Truths You Can’t Change About Learning in the Workplace

Let's be honest - a lot of organizations (most, in fact) play lip service to the concept of learning and development.  We say it's important, but our spend

HR Conferences

Global HR Conferences are the Same Everywhere

HR Conferences around the world are all the same. I can say this with authority. I've been to events in over thirty states in America, multiple events in Canada,

How to Make Your Organization Better at Decisions

Why is it so easy to criticize the decisions of others but so difficult to make the tough calls ourselves? What is it that makes high-stakes decisions so

VIDEO: L&D Hangout: How to Make Harassment Training Sexy

You know it's true---you've got a lot of opportunity to make your harassment training less boring and more dynamic. Watch the video above to hear Kris Dunn and Alison

Tinder CEO Makes Hires Off His Own App (Or Why It’s Time to Refresh Your Harassment Training)

Image from Who here is on Tinder? Not me, people. But I appreciate the... cough... algorithm behind the app. I also appreciate how new technology makes seemingly unfathomable work mishaps

3-Step Approach For Responding To Employee Concerns

Company leadership receives input from employees in a variety of formats: Engagement surveys, pulse-check forums, rumors heard in the hallway, supervisors reporting what their teams are saying, etc.

I’m Good Enough, I’m Smart Enough, and Doggone It, People Like Me!

"Daily Affirmation with Stuart Smalley" is one of the reasons I continued to watch SNL in the 90's.  Al Franken invented and acted out Stuart in a way

L&D Hangout: How To Get Managers To Support L&D Activities

We all want our employees to continuously develop their skills, but sometimes there just isn't enough support and encouragement from management for people to take advantage of L&D

WORK DREAMS: Teaching Mick Jagger to Eurostep…

How many of you have dreams about work? Of course you dream about work. How could you not? You work more than you sleep. I guess the key question