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I Wish I Would Have Used An Assessment: Everyone Has Something To Hide

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Influence 101 – It’s Not Enough To Ask For A Raise: Understand Who You’re Asking

Raises. Of course you should ask for them. Don't get caught thinking the market inside your company will take care of you. But with that said, let's break


Next Gen Headhunting –

If you haven't read anything about and you're in Talent Acquisition, consider yourself to be living under a rock! Check out what others are saying here, here and


Kobe Bryant and Paying Above Market Compensation

If you follow professional sports, you probably know by now that Kobe Bryant returned to the NBA in December, played six games, and has been back out with injuries since

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Rude Candidates are Annoying. But, Maybe I Should Be Nicer to Them

Something has been bugging me and I feel I need to confess.  It happened many years ago and I frequently think about it.  But, not until recently have

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Non-competes: HR’s version of the Prenup

At some point in your career as a talent professional you've likely drafted, explained, and required a prospective new employee joining your organization to sign a non-compete agreement. Heck, you

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What HR Expects From Universities

I was talking recently to a head of HR of a manufacturing company in the Midwest about some recruiting challenges they were having.  You see, I don't know


Doomed – Counteroffers, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

I'm sure you're wondering how I'll make the connection between counteroffers and the engagement of Avril Lavigne and Nickelback's frontman, Chad Kroeger. Wait....I already did.  I used the word


The HR Olympics

Oh, I got me some Olympic Fever!  The Summer Olympics are the best - it's like NCAA Tournament time but with sports we only care about once every


Want To Improve Your Selection Process? Skip the Interview and Negotiate Instead.

You ever wake up one day and suddenly have a clear answer for a challenge for which there seemed like there was no answer?  Well, I had that