Non-competes: HR’s version of the Prenup

At some point in your career as a talent professional you’ve likely drafted, explained, and required a prospective new employee joining your organization to sign a non-compete agreement. Heck, you may have… Get the Rest

What HR Expects From Universities

I was talking recently to a head of HR of a manufacturing company in the Midwest about some recruiting challenges they were having.  You see, I don't know

Doomed – Counteroffers, Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger

I'm sure you're wondering how I'll make the connection between counteroffers and the engagement of Avril Lavigne and Nickelback's frontman, Chad Kroeger. Wait....I already did.  I used the word

The HR Olympics

Oh, I got me some Olympic Fever!  The Summer Olympics are the best - it's like NCAA Tournament time but with sports we only care about once every

Want To Improve Your Selection Process? Skip the Interview and Negotiate Instead.

You ever wake up one day and suddenly have a clear answer for a challenge for which there seemed like there was no answer?  Well, I had that

You’re not Mitt Romney…You Don’t Need to Sell Yourself By Bashing Your Competitors

Ah...the joys of election season. I love watching candidates try to convince us that the reason we should vote for them is because the other guy sucks. Mitt Romney

Hair Band Help for Dealing with Counter Offers….

"Don't know what you've got (till it's gone)" - perhaps a not so classic tune from the band Cinderella, but a classic statement.  Is Kathy digging back into 80's

Miami Heat = Your Weak Celebration On Filling a Position (Before The Candidate Has Reported to Work)…

I hate the Miami Heat. I know, I don't get it.  "It's a new age, KD".  "Talent should be able to go wherever it wants, KD".  "Free Agent Nation,

Homes and Salaries—The Market Sets Value, Not You…

People say that buying a home and changing jobs are two of the most stressful events in your life. I agree, and I think it’s because both involve

How to Ask For More Money Without Thowing Someone in a Rage in the Offer Process…

TRUE STORY: The editor of this blog doesn't think it fits the FOT vibe when I write from the candidate's perspective.  I actually agree with her on that