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4 Ways to Make Sure Millenials Don’t Blow Off Your Training

I make training software for growing businesses and I was born in 1988, so you could say I have a unique perspective on the millennial-training conundrum, which effectively posits that… Get the Rest

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Welcome to Your New Job! Now Please Don’t Touch Anything.

Ok, picture this. You've just spent the last three months trying desperately to hire someone to fill an especially difficult position. You've interviewed more candidates than you care

Graduating Human Resources

Advice to 2013 Grads from HR [Video Bonus!]

It's that time of year when college and universities around the world will release onto us the great minds of the 2013 graduate class.  This always makes me


1st Time Job Regrets

how can i get back with my ex girlfriend One of the most read blog posts I've written in the last two years is: How To 'Really' Get


I've Caught a Case of 'Newbulshit'

There's something that I think most employees experience from time to time, that feeling like no one is listening to me! It happens to everyone from the CEO

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Advice for starting a new job – FOT-Style

For me as well as for I am sure many other folks in FOT Nation these first days of 2013 are not just the start of a New


As You Go

One of the biggest failures of the "candidate experience" dialogue is that the main point is usually lost on folks... treat people humanely. Process, products and/or people will


The HR Olympics

Oh, I got me some Olympic Fever!  The Summer Olympics are the best - it's like NCAA Tournament time but with sports we only care about once every


First Day on the Job Blues

I was reminded recently on how much your first day on the jobs sucks! I hear you - "What Tim?!" - the first day is the best!  No,


The Lover – The Accomplice – and The Toilet Bowl

Let's look at “the” relationship that a person has with our company over time... in particular, I'm interested in the psychotic (channeling Christopher Walken) relationship we have with