10 Signs You’ve Outgrown Your HR Person

I spent Spring Break outside of Austin, Texas. It was chill. Everyone was recovering from SXSW or from the crowd of non-Texans who invaded the city. Austin is an amazing… Get the Rest

Adult Learning

Learning by Crashing

“Experiential Learning” is the process of making meaning from direct experience, i.e., learning from experience.  We've done this most of our lives—such as learning to ride a bicycle—yet

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Challenge the HR You Know

If you caught a few ads during the Super Bowl on Sunday, you probably noticed Lawrence Fishburne reprising his role as Morpheus from "The Matrix" for a Kia

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How to Be a Consultative Recruiter

A well-respected HR professional reminded me a few months ago that hiring is an exclusive process.  Meaning:  It’s almost always approached as a process of elimination.  Hiring officials

The CYA Report E52: Keeping Employees Happy and Productive at Work with Lee Burbage [PODCAST]

Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by and Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have Lee Burbage, chief people officer at Motley Fool, on Keeping

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If Santa Granted HR Wishes

How many of you still write Santa letters?  Unfortunately, I think it's a dying tradition.  I'm guessing kids simply text St. Nick now.  I haven't looked, but I

tech startup

5 Tools To Measure 5 Differences: Big Company Versus StartUp

Almost one year ago, I made a switch from big-company HR life to start-up tech company HR life. Lots of emotions and battles come with a change like

Innovation in HR

Dear HR Pro: Please Don’t Kill Innovation. Thank You.

Thought that title would get your attention! Believe it or not, this isn't going to be an HR-bashing post. The lifeblood of an organization is going to lie

Getting out of your cave

Get Out Of The Cave

It’s Friday night at the Carusi house, so that can only mean one thing – family movie night!  My kids decided to pick the movie, The Croods. Clearly,

leadership development

FOT Job Posting: Leadership Development Specialist/Swami…

Hey FOT Nation - this job at Kinetix and the right hire will be working directly for me. If you're down with all the noise you read on this blog, have