Reference Checks Are Worthless

I don’t understand… with the whole HR world moving to a more data-driven, analytical, quantitative, measure-anything-that-moves-mindset, how is it that we still rely on the ol’ reference check before we… Get the Rest

Candidate Tip O’ The Week: Just say No Thank You….

Last summer, my oldest daughter worked in a daycare. Forty hours a week, sometimes split shifts, and a lot of times... the poop work. Literally. She had a great

3 Ways Your Interview Process is Scaring Away Great Talent

KD and I were at the HR Technology Conference this past week in Chicago - if you get the chance to go you have to - it is

WEBINAR: Give FOT 60 Minutes, We’ll Give You A Clue On How to Recruit On Facebook

That's right - we've got a FOT Webinar coming up on February 2nd.  We call it "Social Recruiting MacGyver Style! No Money, a Paperclip and Facebook – all

Good Recruiters, Bad Recruiters, Jedi Mind Tricks and Influence…

Hiring really should be easier than it is. Company wants to hire, person wants job, sign some paperwork, done. Get the right person with the skills in the


My digital friend Frank Roche has a great series going on over at KnowHR (go there and subscribe now if you're not already following) - it's called Bad

Sometimes the Truth (Really) Hurts!

Most of us like to believe that we know our circle of influence and those in our network pretty well. What I've learned over the years is that