Why a Sucker Pay Plan Made Me Hate Teaching

I was a sorta teacher for a few years. While I did my masters, I taught some composition and literature courses. If you have any sort of ego whatsoever (and… Get the Rest

employee stickiness

Employee Stickiness: 3 Ways to Get the Goo

Loyal.  Faithful.  Devotion. This isn't a post about Kayne and Kim's pending marriage. It is a post about love.  Well... maybe not love but at least stickiness.  What does it

Parks and Recreation

Basically, My Wife Thinks I Suck At Interviewing

A rare drawback of being with my wife since I was 19 is that she’s now seen me through my “glory years.”  In fact, one of her favorite


Sackadamus Gives His 2014 Predictions

The Annual Sackadamus FOT Predictions have become legendary, primarily for their uncanny accuracy and for the simple fact no one is willing to go out on such

no more art

No New Art

Before you review this article, do me a personal favor and click this link—it's only 600 words or so but it will provide some useful context. Last line of

computer science majors

Changing The Tech Gender Ratio One CS Student at a Time

For quite some time now there has been increased attention on the comparative lack of women in technology companies and in technology roles across most companies generally. This

Britain Royal Anniversary

Wedding Anniversaries and Retention Strategies

Last week was my 5th wedding anniversary and although life is a different these days with an 18-month-old running around, we did manage a small celebration to mark

FOT Jobs to do

What Job Does HR Really Do?

I just finished reading Clayton Christensen’s newest book call “How Will You Measure Your Life” (my money quotes from the book can be found here.)  In that book he reintroduced one

ability to change jobs

Ending the Fiction of Lifetime Employment

You probably aren't working in the last job you'll ever have.  Heck, there's a good chance you're not even in the single digits of employers before you retire.


What Does HR Have To Unlearn?

I’ve been taking stock of the news about HR lately and trying to find a pattern in it.  I did. The pattern I found is the new topics about