Musing On The Candidate Experience… In Parental Recruiting Mode

I have two teenagers… both were gainfully employed last summer.  Which meant I had a summer of bliss.  You know what I mean if you have teenagers. Both did great… Get the Rest

RANT: Punks Jump Up to Get Beat Down

God, I like you people. You're nice. You're professional. You shop at Dillards, so you always look fresh and clean---which brings us to our first video featuring Andre 3000. (Email

Kobe Bryant and Paying Above Market Compensation

If you follow professional sports, you probably know by now that Kobe Bryant returned to the NBA in December, played six games, and has been back out with injuries since

5 Reasons Why Your Kid Will End Up Being a 40-Year Old Barista

Wow.  That title is harsh.  Time to man up/woman up. As whatever higher being you believe in knows—I've got my own challenges as a dad.  But there's a couple

Homes and Salaries—The Market Sets Value, Not You…

People say that buying a home and changing jobs are two of the most stressful events in your life. I agree, and I think it’s because both involve

Prices Aren’t the Only Thing Dropping At Walmart…

If you're male and employed at Walmart, the prices aren't the only thing dropping - so might your salary! Oh wait, you saw the news about the class action

Why Sales People Are the Highest Paid Employees…

I speak with CEO's and senior executives on a regular basis regarding compensation issues - especially when it comes to paying high powered sales leaders. While some CEO's

Capping CEO Pay – What It Means for All of Us…

The cause célèbre today is CEO pay and by extension, overall pay transparency, performance-based pay and letting a government entity manage what used to be a free-market concern. 

The Most Expensive Colleges Have One Thing in Common – This Recruiter Has Never Heard of Most of Them…

If you matriculated from an expensive private school, allow me to say this up front - I'm still your fan.  If you're good at what you do professionally, articulate

Cost of Talent – World Series 2008 Edition….

The World Series is here, and it reminds me of the talent/economics lesson that occurs each season in Major League Baseball. This year's compensation lesson? The Tampa