VIDEO: Weird Science with Jason Averbook – Creating a Coaching Culture Via Technology (and Feedback)

Do folks want feedback… or do they want attention? After all, we’re not on Facebook or Instagram asking for feedback, right? That’s not really the world we live in. We’re asking… Get the Rest

Candidates Who Over-Talk May Need To Work Elsewhere

“You talk too much. You never shut up.” - Run DMC To shut a candidate up or not to shut a candidate up? That is the question. A question,

Talent Acquisition is a Zero-Sum Game

There is a mathematical concept called Zero-Sum. What is says is basically when one person, organization, etc. will gain, there is an equal loss by another person, organization, etc.

VIDEO: No Scrubs with Pete Radloff – Getting Back To The Recruiting Basics

Check out the video above as Dawn Burke talks to Pete Radloff, Principal Technical Recruiter at comScore (and one of Glassdoor's Top 20 Branded HR Pros), about taking

The Science Behind Hiring For Potential

I'm a big fan of the prison series on Netflix, Orange is the New Black.  I didn't think I would like it when multiple people told me I had

VIDEO: No Scrubs with Kris Dunn – Choosing The Right HR Technology For Your Company

HR Pros! Don't be held hostage by "what if." You heard me. All you HR Pros out there who are shaking in your boots about pulling the trigger on

Top RECRUITER (Not Recruiting) Fails

As a VP of People I’m responsible for lots of things. Although my People Team is responsible for all HR competencies (recruiting, training, comp, benefits, employee relations, culture) the

VIDEO: Weird Science with Kris Dunn – Using Assessments To Build A Better Team (It’s Science!)

This month at the “Weird Science” Series, Tim Sackett chats via video with the one and only Kris Dunn, CHRO at the Atlanta-based RPO firm, Kinetix, and FOT founder,

The Data Behind Being a Highly Selective Employer

We all think it, don't we? We all want to believe in this notion that we only hire the best and brightest. We only hire quality.  We are

HR Fatty > Make Some Tech Decisions And Take Action

My HR and leader-friends, I am going to make a bold statement. I think technology scares the hell out of us. That fear is spooking us into lethargic,