LinkedIn Influencer – FOT Style

So, I’m guessing many of you know about LinkedIn’s Influencers.  These are usually folks like: Richard Branson, Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Deepak Chopra, Barack Obama, Jeff Weiner (LinkedIn’s CEO), etc…. Get the Rest

Job Seeker? Always question pay to play. Always.

So Saturday morning I"m trolling through various sites I read and I stumble across a Facebook post from Justin Constantine. Who"s Justin Constantine? This guy.  I had the

FAIL: Facebook’s Social Jobs Partnership

So I see the news about Facebook's new Social Jobs Partnership and I am excited, I've just spent the morning listening to Gerry Crispin talk about the Candidate

Let's Discuss: Is LinkedIn a Job Board?

I'm going to waffle on this one folks. Yes - because you can post jobs and find potential candidates. But, at the same time, my "no's" are a little lengthier. No...

C'mon LinkedIn…bring your A-Game already…

Anyone else getting inundated with LinkedIn invitations lately? I am.  Hundreds every night.  I'm a friendly gal, but not that friendly.  Oddly enough all these invites appear to be

Social HR and The Big 3: Do You Want Some Milk With That Too?

By now, most HR Pros are on the social media bandwagon.  If you are on the wagon, get off for 2 minutes and read further.  Who out there

Searching Google+…

Months ago I became enamored with Google+.  It was a no brainer that the site would experience explosive growth and now, more than 8 months after it debuted,

Recruiting is Dead And It’s LinkedIn’s Fault.

Prospects KNOW you are a crappy recruiter. Candidates aren’t stupid even though bad recruiters think they are.  So corporate HR quit recruiting. Now.  I think the recruiting industry

My So-Called (Double) Life… On Facebook

Shhh … don’t tell Facebook, but I have two accounts. No, I’m not two different people, but they serve two different purposes. One is a public profile that

Do Your Carpets Match Your Drapes?

I spoke at a conference the other week on behalf of Ragan Communications and sponsored by Aon Hewitt – Social Media for HR and Internal Communications. Great event.