Sit the bench

Ever Wish You Could Bench an Employee?

Baseball season is deep into its first month, which means leadership lessons from America’s favorite pastime are everywhere. Watch highlights from 2,430 MLB games, and you will see examples of… Get the Rest


Kobe Bryant and Paying Above Market Compensation

If you follow professional sports, you probably know by now that Kobe Bryant returned to the NBA in December, played six games, and has been back out with injuries since

Unionizing college athletics

The CYA Report E54: Unionizing College Athletics with Seth Borden [PODCAST]

Welcome to The CYA Report, brought to you by and Fistful of Talent. On today’s show we have Seth Borden, Partner at McKenna Long & Aldridge LLP, on


The Seattle Seahawks and Building a Champion

Last week, I sent an email to my FOT colleagues asking for a post swap.  I wanted the opportunity to post the day after my Seahawks played in

nfl mentorships

How to Build a Mentor Program, by the… NFL?

Quick show of hands: How many HR pros in the audience have had a leader ask them to build a “mentor program?” Tons of business articles about how

rj morris saturday pic

Unwritten Rules, Bean-balls and Slap Fights

Part of being a parent is teaching our kids how to settle their own differences. My eleven year old, especially, is getting better at solving the minor disputes

HubSpot Champions Fistful of Talent

The Madness of March Bears a New HR Term: “Cultural-Fit-ology”

After reading my post about happiness at work even if you don't work at Zappos, my friends at OpenView reached out and asked me to weigh-in on their

recruiting and referees fistful of talent

Recruiters And Refs

Let's face it; a blown call is a blown call. Be it on the football field, basketball court or in hiring. Recruiters and refs get tainted with the

izzo watching jabari

Recruit Me Like You Mean It!

Have you guys ever seen a top level athlete in high school get recruited to play college sports?  I'm not talking about your best friend Mary's son, Billy,

ice pick hr

JaVale, Tim, and setting the right performance goals

Since nothing illuminates the challenges facing HR and Talent pros in selection, assessment, and performance management like professional basketball, I submit for your consideration the a lesson in