Weak-Link vs. Strong-Link Employee Programs

On a recent road trip to Kentucky to watch my FSU Seminoles get absolutely slaughtered on the football field, I hopped on the Malcolm Gladwell Revisionist History podcast train. The… Get the Rest

Development Plans For HiPos: Complicated

Let's face it, most of you have high potentials at your company. Whether they work for you directly or are part of your extended team, they're there.  Also,

WAIT, THIS IS ISN’T ABOUT ZAPPOS: But Someone Else Will Pay You To Leave If You’re That Miserable…

Remember a few years back when we all went gaga in HR about Zappos? When they were offering new hires getting ready to graduate new hire training a

Talent Acquisition is a Zero-Sum Game

There is a mathematical concept called Zero-Sum. What is says is basically when one person, organization, etc. will gain, there is an equal loss by another person, organization, etc.

The 5 Ps of Delivery

It’s 6:30 in the morning, and I’m just getting around to writing my post for today. I originally carved out time in my week to draft it the

Camping, Stag Beer and Succession Planning

My grandpa used to sit on the back porch, drinking Stag beer and sharing his life philosophies with anyone who would listen. Drinking and philosophizing. Good work if

You Have So Much Potential

If you were MENSA eligible, would you join the organization? For me, the answer is a resounding NO. The main reason is... it would screw with me, and

Succession Planning Case Studies: GM Solid, Microsoft Sucky

An HR nerd like me sees news from the business world dealing with hiring, succession and promotional decisions as fascinating. Big public companies allow you a peek into

WEBINAR: Do You Build Your Company Around People Who Can “Fake it Until They Make It”?

CLICHE ALERT:  Stop me when you've heard these before... "We really are looking to hire smart people..." "Smart people figure things out...." "Smart people aren't afraid of change.." Blah, blah, blah... The problem

Ending the Fiction of Lifetime Employment

You probably aren't working in the last job you'll ever have.  Heck, there's a good chance you're not even in the single digits of employers before you retire.