The Next Big Thing In HR

The next big thing in HR is also the #1 thing HR sucks in.  Whether you’re feeling it or not in your organization, hiring is coming back.  That means slowly… Get the Rest

The Changing of the Guard: Gen Y wants a job, just not that one!

Good news, Gen Yers -- that moment we've been waiting for is coming! At my last job, I replaced a retiring 42-year employee.  In the last two weeks, I've

Daddy, where do CEO’s come from?

Not HR, sweetie.  They don't come from HR. Today's posting is of the "food for thought" variety, rather than a checklist of ways to up your talent game.  I

As You Go

One of the biggest failures of the "candidate experience" dialogue is that the main point is usually lost on folks... treat people humanely. Process, products and/or people will

The HR Olympics

Oh, I got me some Olympic Fever!  The Summer Olympics are the best - it's like NCAA Tournament time but with sports we only care about once every

How To Tell if Your Performance Review Is Shot to Hell (Image and Webinar)

OK - I promised you an image up front, so here it is.   Take a look and we'll discuss after the jump: Here's what the image means.  If

Succession Hiring, Average Managers and Lazy Men Playing Tennis

On a recent visit to the park near my house, I saw four guys playing tennis at the courts next to the playground.  “Good for them,” I thought to myself.  “Early

GenY’s Succession Plan – Fire the Old Farts

For those who read my stuff regularly, you know I'm not a real fan of all the generational talk that goes on in our space - "GenY's are

The Secret to Successful HR Projects

I think the world is broken into two types of people: 1. People who do things the hard way. 2. People who let other people do things the hard way. I'm

FOT Quiz Time! When Does Terminating An Employee Become A Reward?

Answer: When your employees are pseudo union workers with individually bargained contracts! Say hello to the NFL and "retired" quarterback, Carson Palmer, of the Cincinnati Bengals. Here's the back