3 Reasons Your Training Class Sucked

Employee development and training classes are notoriously boring, ineffective time-sucks. I’m tired of boring training classes that cost the company money, bore people to tears, and don’t change behavior. I’m tired… Get the Rest

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What, The Bell Curve Lives?

Just when I thought the performance ratings and the dreaded bell curve were dead, the Washington Business Journal announced that a major government contractor in Washington, DC is

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4 Ways to Make Sure Millenials Don’t Blow Off Your Training

I make training software for growing businesses and I was born in 1988, so you could say I have a unique perspective on the millennial-training conundrum, which effectively

Adult Learning

Learning by Crashing

“Experiential Learning” is the process of making meaning from direct experience, i.e., learning from experience.  We've done this most of our lives—such as learning to ride a bicycle—yet

roses thorns and buds

Roses, Thorns and Buds

Happy New Year!  Hopefully, the fog from your New Year’s Eve festivities is wearing off and you are actually starting to think about 2014.  I’m not a big

tech startup

5 Tools To Measure 5 Differences: Big Company Versus StartUp

Almost one year ago, I made a switch from big-company HR life to start-up tech company HR life. Lots of emotions and battles come with a change like

Talent Management

Talent Management, 1989 Style

Once upon a time, in 1983, a track & field team was formed at a small division III school in Northeast, PA, named Moravian College.  Like most new

stop checking the box

Stop Checking the Box

I recently attended an industry conference and was enjoying some spirits with my peers when the topic of measuring training was put on the table.  I swear it

hiring smart over experieced fistful of talent

WEBINAR: Do You Build Your Company Around People Who Can “Fake it Until They Make It”?

CLICHE ALERT:  Stop me when you've heard these before... "We really are looking to hire smart people..." "Smart people figure things out...." "Smart people aren't afraid of change.." Blah, blah, blah... The problem

embrace the wave hr

Remove the Parental Controls – Embrace the Video Training Wave

Let me start off with a full confession.  I was the guy earlier in my career who was championing instructor-led classroom training.  Yes, classroom training will always play