Tim Sackett names The 1 Problem With Posting On LinkedIn

LinkedIn made me internet famous for a day with my 11 Rules for Hugging at Work.  That one post got me a gig on Huffington Post, has gotten me speaking gigs… Get the Rest


System v. Talent: What Are You Recruiting For?

I've always been a huge fan of talent over system. I was never a system believer. My take was, give me the best damn talent, and I'll kill


Tim Sackett lists 5 Steps To HR Success

Yo! I’m on vacation this week, don’t try and come rob my house, it’s a ‘staycation’!  I’m going to run some oldies but goodies so I can let

Mama Pay

Mama Pay

Oh, boy, here comes Obama again making me pay for other people's choices!  This time around he would like all workers to pay for other workers to stay

what's next

Next Practices

Don't try stealing Next Practices as your new book title---someone already got it on Amazon.  I'm sick of "best practices;" I'm ready for "next practices." What are next


Tim Sackett talks Revenge Hires

Sometimes you just can’t make this stuff up! From the land of Bad HR comes something I’ve only heard about as urban legend, the Revenge Hire! A revenge hire is

face punch

People I’d Like To Punch In The Face

"I'd like to punch him/her in the face!" I'm addicted to saying this lately. It's my new go-to phrase for when someone pisses me off. The funny thing is,


Tim Sackett claims I Had To Work

“I had to work!” – 84 year old Barbara Walters on NPR, talking about her retirement this week from TV. For those who don’t know, I run the company


The CYA Report E62: The SHRM Certification Fiasco

In case you missed it last week, SHRM announced that it's going to start offering its own certification program to rival the SPHR/PHR. That means their ultimate plan is

first class candidate experience

Would You Pay To Get Interview Feedback?

I get my ideas in the shower.  I have a busy life, so it seems like my down time is that solid 5 to 10 minutes I get