7 reasons I Love Recruiting!

Hi, my name is Tim Sackett, and I love recruiting.  Yes, it is considered an illness by many (Hi, SHRM ladies!).  Yes, I’m probably addicted.  So, for this Valentines Day,… Get the Rest

Get Over Yourself – How The Interview Should Tell Your Story

Hit on this article about how companies should stop talking about their products and/or services and instead tell their customer's stories. Brilliant - and also, fairly common sense. Translate this

5 HR Safe Swear Words

I tend to use swear words.  Not all the time – I’m not like some sailor walking around the office dropping ‘F-Bombs’ all the time, but in select

Recruit Me Like You Mean It!

Have you guys ever seen a top level athlete in high school get recruited to play college sports?  I'm not talking about your best friend Mary's son, Billy,

1st Time Job Regrets

how can i get back with my ex girlfriend One of the most read blog posts I've written in the last two years is: How To 'Really' Get

The 5 Reasons Why Most RECRUITERS Hate HR

A couple months ago I wrote a post on Why I Hate (Most) Recruiters which put me squarely in the cross-hairs of pretty much every recruiter out there,

3 Myths About Recruiting on Facebook – Haters Love to Argue!

Five years ago I was invited to speak at a corporate event by a Fortune 500 company, by their HR Department, to speak to their employees about the

Looking For a New Job? This Is Your Homework for Labor Day…

This summer I've gotten a lot of "Kelly, will you look at my resume and tell me what it needs?"  That question for me is much like this

Dear LinkedIn: A LinkedIn Profile Make a Resume Doth Not. (Love, Jessica…)

Dear LinkedIn,I've been reading lately about your crazy growth. Holy batman! 115.8 million members. That's nuts. Congrats. And your recent IPO also made me proud - very proud. I

Third-Party Recruiters are like Jack Kevorkian; They’re “Ethical” When They Kill You…

OK, there are a lot of third-party recruiters at FOT whom I respect tremendously.  I think using agencies is an essential component to every recruiting strategy.  I’m not a