FOT is a pack of active HR and Recruiting leaders.  Some of us have jobs inside corporate America, some of us have turned to the dark side – either working for vendors or owning a business inside the HR/Recruiting industry.

The thing that bonds us is simple to see – unmatched passion for the HR/Recruiting game.  We believe that the best HR and Recruiting practices create revenue for the companies that care enough to execute them.

With passion comes an incredible appetite to do interesting work.  Which has led FOT to do consulting work for multiple companies upon request.

That’s right, we’re available to do work for your company.

Examples of recent engagements we’ve performed on behalf of companies like yours:

Strategic plans for multiple HR and Recruiting initiatives.

–Content development and facilitation of Leadership Development programs, in the classic FOT voice and style.

–Recruiting services related to key positions in your company.

–Planning and execution related to social strategies for your company’s HR and recruiting functions.

We get it – you need help.  Why not engage a group of HR and recruiting professionals with a thirst for interesting work like FOT?

Fill out this form and tell us what you need – we’ll figure out if we can help.