The FOT Monthly

Our webinar series is the flagship of the FOT Media Package.  The workhorse, the star.   The Lebron that people don’t hate.

We created the FOT Webinar series for our partners with two truths in mind:

Everybody’s bored with the traditional webinar series.  Slides.  Audio.  A pitch from the vendor sponsor at the end.  Zzzzzzzz…..

Nobody cares that the professor you brought in to do the webinar has a book on Amazon.  So do Newt Gingrich and Jim Nabors.  We rest our case.

The first rule of the FOT Webinar is we can’t bore ourselves.  If we’re bored, the people tuning into our webinar are bored as well.  We combat that by mixing it up as follows:

–FOT webinars are delivered by real HR and recruiting practitioners who have experience doing what they’re talking about in the field.  Result: Street creditability for your product/solution.

We never have a single person delivering the FOT Webinar.   Remember Ben Stein taking attendance in Ferris Buhler’s Day Off?  That’s what the normal webinar sounds like by minute 10.  We team up two FOT contributors to make the webinar a conversation and entertain a little bit while we inform.

Vendors/partners who bring the FOT webinar series in don’t get to pitch at the end.  You can almost hear the disconnects from Spokane and Fresno when that traditional finish to a webinar occurs.  We embed your subject matter expertise into our presentation as an expert, not a pitch monkey.  You’ll still get a chance to talk, we’re just going to make you an expert rather than a telemarketer.

Our content is designed to provoke in a socially acceptable way.  With titles like “Please Shut Up: The 6-Step Coaching Tool” and “The 5 Faces Your Managers See During Performance Reviews”, we’ll make your next webinar look different from what your competition is offering.  We’ll turn it up or down to match your brand’s appetite for disruption.

Call us.  The next webinar on your marketing calendar is 2 months away.  We’ll be there in 15 minutes.

If your shop is interested in partnering with Fistful of Talent on your next webinar, contact Cara Lucas to get started…  Phone: 770.390.8373 or Email: