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3 Things Great Recruiters (and Waiters) Never Say

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Waiting tables got me through college, being a recruiter got me through my early years in Human Resources. I was much better at one than the other, which is why I’m not greeting you at your local Chili’s, but a few years serving Monte Cristos served me well preparing for my post-college career. I learned a ton of skills that …

To Hell With Murphy and His “Law”

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Ouch, babe. You just dropped the ball big time—screwed the pooch, took the gas, spit the bit… basically made the kind of mistake you absolutely cannot afford to make. To make matters worse, this didn’t occur in a vacuum. Your client group(s) and peers are all aware of your mistake. You feel terrible about it, disappointed in yourself, and would …

Beware of You—”Wait and Do” (Part 2 of 4)

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The first installment was fairly remarkable if I do say so m’self. This post? Wow, are you in for a treat—I’ve got taglines. One of my favorite concepts from Dr. Pritchett’s Hacking Uncertainty is the directive to “Open Yourself to Uncertainty;” that’s a fairly broad statement to assist you in your goal of becoming more tolerant of ambiguity… but what does it mean? …