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Would You Pay a Bonus to an Employee to Keep them Skinny?

Tim Sackett Compensation/Cash Money, Performance, Tim Sackett

The world of professional sports gives us this great microcosm of compensation philosophy. Within professional athlete contracts, we find all kinds of crazy stuff. Depending on the sport, they sign-off on all kinds of special requests from their employer, usually with a monetary bonus attached. Take this recent one from the NFL and running back Eddie Lacy. Lacy is known for …

Big Bonuses—Good For Driving Everyday Performance?

Kris Dunn Business Development, Compensation/Cash Money, Games, Good HR, Kris Dunn

Do big bonuses drive performance and behavior in general?  I’ve always broken this question up into two camps: the sales and non-sales camp. First, the easy one—sales.  We can split hairs and argue whether commission to salespeople is a bonus or part of an incentive plan that’s expected, but isn’t that what bonus plans are supposed to do—drive behavior?  For me, …