Text Messaging: Almost Dead or Alive and Kicking?

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When you think about “text messaging” what comes to mind? Anything? It seems like we’ve taken text messaging for granted, which I believe is a good thing. We now text message each other across all generations. My mother is 72 years old and she would rather text “Happy Birthday” than call me! I’ve got three kids who are GenZ, two in …

Welcome New FOT Sponsor, Canvas!

Tim Sackett Canvas, Tim Sackett

Okay, I’m super excited to announce the newest sponsor to the FOT lineup, Canvas! So, who and what the heck is Canvas? I’m glad you hypothetically asked! Canvas is a dynamic talent acquisition technology that was just launched in 2017 out of Indianapolis. I like mentioning they are out of Indianapolis because I think it makes a difference. Great tech comes …

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VIDEO: SmashUps with Aman Brar – Canvas’ Impact on Recruiting

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This month on SmashUps, Tim talks with Aman Brar, the CEO of Canvas, a text-based interviewing platform. Tim digs in on how this platform could change the art of recruiting, and Aman gives a deep dive on how the platform works and why you should be using text messaging to interview your candidates. Click on the video below to get …