Microlearning’s Macro Mistakes

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Microlearning is one of the newest (cough, cough) hot topics in professional talent development. You will hear about it over and over again spouted by professional trainers as a way to make themselves sound knowledgeable and hip. Frankly, you have likely been hearing it for years. People talk about it at conferences, write articles, and use the jargon to sell …

IBM remote employees

News Flash From IBM: There IS a Downside to a Remote Workforce

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I’m surprised this didn’t happen sooner, but IBM, an early and vocal champion of a remote workforce, finally discovered what any remote worker could have told you years ago. The problem with remote work is that you work remotely. I know, I know — that sounds like double-talk. But as someone who worked in a typical office environment for most …

Keep Recruiting and HR Together

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Here is my semi-annual appeal to HR and recruiting leaders who don’t get along and want to go their separate ways: Keep recruiting and HR together under one umbrella called “human resources.” If you’re one of those recruiting professionals who feel like HR just doesn’t understand what you do, I will challenge you with one question: Does it matter? The …