The 5 Components Your Monthly Communications to ATS Candidate Pools Should Have

Even though social media is where everyone in the marketing space (including recruitment marketing) loves to focus their attention these days, the more traditional email campaign is a long ways… Get the Rest

We Don’t Talk Anymore

Folks don’t talk anymore at work. It is just too easy to text or type email bombs to colleagues all day long. Some folks think this is more

A Workplace Leadership Lesson in the Age of Trump

Most employees don't have much contact with their CEO. When they do hear from them, they tend to listen pretty closely to what the CEO has to say, and

exclamation point

5 Things Your Exclamation Point (!!!) In Email Means to Me

You know who you are.  You love to use the exclamation point in emails and writing! Yes!!! You're a peppy son of a gun.  We're watching your enthusiasm for life

Why You Shouldn’t Send Business Emails On Sunday Night

I'm writing this post on a Sunday night as I often do. Probably 90% of the posts on this blog are written on the weekend or at night

Summertime… And The Demos Are Easy.

Summer is here.  Time to get my sourcing demos on... I tend to hoard these demos until summer, thinking work will be lighter then. It's not.  So I

Hackers Suck! Sony Can’t Win.

I'm feeling really bad for Sony right now.  They didn't ask for all of this.  All they did was make a movie about a scum bag dictator in

I’d Like To Be Wealthy Enough To Never Email Again

If you were to invent some amazing new technology, get in as a ground floor investor in the next Facebook or Tesla, or finally have your decades of

Volunteering and Working…and why it’s time to exit stage left

For years now I have volunteered with a non-profit community theatre group based in my hometown.   I know, I know…I strike you as the dramatic type, right?  Nope…not

The Noise

The single biggest threat to HR pros ever being strategic is lousy time management skills. Declarative sentence over... allow me to build the case. Noise in holding us back. The