Would You Use Your Snap Bitmoji to Recruit Talent via Text Message? @goCanvasHQ

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Okay, for those who are under the age of like 25 I probably need to first do some explaining! What the heck is Snapchat and what the heck is a Bitmoji!? Okay, I’m only joking a bit because I know you all know what the heck Snapchat is! Every younger person from like ten to mid-twenties is seemingly spending most …

limp bizkit lessons

Lessons in Leadership from Limp Bizkit

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It’s all about the he says she says bulls**t I think you better quit Lettin’ sh*t slip Or you’ll be leaving with a fat lip -Fred Durst I’m Generation X.  If there was ever any doubt about that, this post should put that doubt to rest. A couple of years ago I was rolling through airports in Baton Rouge and Philadelphia …